A gift to children in school for the New Year. What to give to children in school for the New Year? (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th grade)

The New Year is a time of miracles, and the offensiveFairy-tale holiday children expect with special trepidation. After all, Santa Claus can fulfill the most cherished desires and present an amazing surprise. Kids write letters to a gray wizard, and adults on the eve of the holiday are knocked down in search of gifts, trying to keep the faith in the tale stayed with the guys as long as possible. Parents and teachers are wondering what gift children can receive at the school for the New Year. After all, I want him to bring as much positive emotion to the child as possible. Of course, you can always use a ready-made gift set with sweets, but I would like to add some interesting surprise to the sweets.

Surprises for first-timers

We offer several options for donatingchildren at school for the new year. 1st class is visited by kids who still like soft toys. Therefore, a funny animal, symbolizing the coming year, can please them. On the eve of the holiday stores are filled with similar products.

gift to children in school for the new year
Therefore, to choose the toys you like will not belabor, and you can show your imagination and pick up several species, so that there is diversity. A small set of LEGO or another designer will also become a good gift, especially since such games develop fantasy and motor skills of hands. Useful things for learning things, too, should not be excluded from the list. So what to give to children in school for the New Year? The 1st grade of the school is connected not only with the knowledge of the basics of general educational subjects, but creativity is a very important aspect of learning. Therefore, an album for drawing, coloring or a box of colored pencils (felt-tip pens) will always be useful.

what to give to children in school for the new year 1 class
In addition, paintings written by small artists will please their parents and remain in memory. Plasticine, colored paper will not be superfluous and will please children during the creative process.

Presents for secondaries

And what else to give to children in school for the New Year? 2nd class is visited by all the same kids who like toys, designers and developing games. The latter are now on sale a large number. In addition, parents and teachers are well aware of the inclinations of children, and for each one can be chosen individually. Manufacturers provide a wide choice.

what to give to children in school for the new year 2 class
Therefore, choose a game based on the principle of price andquality, will be easy. The book of fairy tales will please not only an interesting and fascinating history, but also will give an opportunity to increase the technique of reading and instill love for it. Puzzles are also a good option.

And what else to give to children in school for the New Year? 2 class - this is the period when the children still very much like cartoons. Therefore, to collect a picture with the favorite animated hero depicted on it will be very interesting. Sets for creativity lessons will be useful. After all, this material is consumed very quickly, and the flight of children's fantasy should not be interrupted.


Choosing a gift for children in school for the New Year, you canto stay on school supplies. Manufacturers offer a variety of pencil cases, notebooks and ready-made designs with an interesting design for children. The original gift can be figured gingerbread, made to order, gingerbread houses or little men will come to the children's liking.

Present to students of the third class

What to give to children in school for the New Year? Grade 3 is already a period when children are interested in more complex games. These include "Monopoly" or "Strategy". It will be especially interesting if parents and other family members participate in them. You can pick up funny key fobs, and if they still perform the function of a flashlight, then such a gift will not only delight the children with the appearance, but it will also come in handy. A good gift will be kits for young archaeologists, kids really like everything that is connected with adventure, and with their own hands the skeleton of a dinosaur will be very interesting. Sets are offered different. Therefore, it is possible to choose a more realistic one.

Often, children who study in the same class,have common interests. Therefore, thinking about what kind of gift to children in the school for the New Year, you can choose your subjects of hobbies. Classmates often collect and collect car models, the attributes of a young wizard or the skeleton of a dinosaur. The magazine with the missing detail of the collection will please the little collectors.

Give emotion to the kids in the fourth grade

Entertainment is always a pleasurechildren. Therefore, you can think about them, choosing what to give to children in school for the New Year. Class 4 is visited by children who are still interested in going to the circus, zoo or dolphinarium. Viewing an interesting program and communicating with animals will accurately bring the guys a lot of positive emotions, especially since the ticket can be invested in a package with sweets. A trip to the cinema will also please and enjoy, especially if the cinema is equipped with the latest technology.

Gifts for teens

What kind of gift to children in the school for the New Year,if they go to the middle classes? For example, it could be disks with tutorials or books and reference books. They will later prove useful in obtaining additional knowledge. It will be nice for teenagers to receive a disk with the latest popular computer game as a gift. Although a lot of time spent at the computer, does not have a positive effect on learning and health. Therefore, gifts aimed at sports development, will be more useful.

what to give to children in school for the new year Grade 3
Girls in adolescence are already thinkingabout their beauty, and sets of children's cosmetics for them will be a welcome gift. For boys, too, there are similar sets, but balls and dumbbells are more likely to suit them more.

Gifts for high school students

For high school students choose gifts will bemore difficult. Because a lot has already been donated and purchased. But they are already thinking about entering universities, and additional teaching literature will be very useful to them.

what to give to children in school for the new year 4 class
Flash drives with a large amount of memory are always useful.If there is a financial opportunity, you can give a tourist trip, which will be full of sightseeing programs. Such a trip will be useful in the general education plan and will further promote the class.

gifts for the new year to children in school

And memories of him will remain with children forever.For friendly classmates a wonderful gift will be a photobook, in which pictures will be collected that tell an interesting story of the life of the class. When the finances are limited, you can come up with a common gift, for example, a large and tasty cake made to order, or cakes and fruits. And, of course, teenagers will like the New Year's ball, organized in conjunction with the school leadership, which can be held both within the walls of the school, and in a club or in a cafe.


Now you know what to choose gifts for the New Year to children in school. We hope that you will be able to choose good versions of the presents.

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