The way of self-expression: tattoo on the forearm

For any tattoo master, the human body -a real canvas, which can be patched with patterns, patterns and inscriptions. Each centimeter of the skin can be filled with black and colored ink, and the answer to the question of where to make a tattoo,

tattoo on the forearm
depends solely on the wishes of the future owner of the tattoo.

Choose a place for tattoo

The place where your futuretattoo, it is worth choosing with great care. And it's not even about where the process of stuffing is more painful, and where - less. Filling a tattoo in a prominent place, which is difficult to hide under clothes, you run the risk of encountering the problem of a device for work: in some positions the presence of any tattoos is unacceptable. Very popular tattoo on the forearm, shoulder, shoulder blade, back, legs; less often - on the abdomen, lower back, hands; very rarely - on the face, neck in front. In intimate places to do tattoos are solved units.

"Tatoo2 is different ...

tattoo inscription on the forearm
Have you decided on a place for drawing? It's time now to clearly imagine what you want to see on your body. For example, tattoos on the forearm can be absolutely any - the main thing is to choose the right size based on the geometry of your own body. It can be just a small drawing or "sleeve" from the base of the brush and up to the elbow. Often, the tattoo on the forearm smoothly pass into the figure on the shoulder, thus forming a luxurious sleeve. Symmetrical tattoos are also very popular. As for the styles in which the tattoo can be performed on the forearm, it is the old cheekbone, the new school, the traditional, the trash, the biomechanics, the Japanese, etc. When choosing the style, we again rest on the question of taste, and also that for a person means a tattoo - a worldview, memory or a trivial ornament.

Native drawing values

So, what can you see on a person's skin? A symbol or a hieroglyph, a portrait of a favorite hero or a whole picture, an inscription. With the inscriptions everything is clear and so - it is difficult to interpret the meaning of the phrase, except as directly. Symbols, signs, hieroglyphs also have their own meaning, so when choosing such a tattoo, find out what that means or

tattoo on the forearm photo
another sign. But when the tattoo on the forearm is a drawing, then it can be treated in different ways, because most pictures have several meanings. Such a popular tiger means strength, agility, courage, while a cat - independence, freedom, frivolity; the eagle is fearless and powerful; but the owl and crow are often associated with the symbolism of death and otherworldly forces.

Often tattoo on the forearm, photos of which can besee almost all fashion magazines, depicts a few basic "heroes." As a rule, they are close in meaning, but it is not excluded that the picture sometimes literally bursts with contradictions.

Inscriptions on the skin

Along with the drawings are populartext tattoos. The most common are in Latin and English, less often in other languages. The most common tattoo inscriptions on the forearm are: Fatum, Gutta cavat lapidem, Homo homini lupus est, Memento mori, Now or never, Per aspera ad astra, Sic volo, "Veni, vidi, vici". However, on winged expressions, the light does not converge with a wedge, and you are free to choose those phrases that are close to you.

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