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The brand name Gucci ("Gucci") is probably heardeven those people who are very far from the fashion world. Still, after all the history of this fashion house totals almost a century, and many things created under this mark, became well-known and loved all over the world. Previously, the products of this brand could be found only in fashion boutiques. Now there are also online clothing stores Gucci, so there is no distance for buyers.

Creating and developing a brand

The origin of the brand dates back to 1921, whenyoung ambitious Guccio Gucci decided to open a company to produce fashionable shoes and bags. What was his main idea? The designer knew exactly what bag and shoes could tell about his owner much more than he would do it himself. You can say that these accessories are status items. And it was these products he created - expensive, stylish and luxurious.

For the entire history of the brand has changedseveral creative directors. Until 1953, the company's founder was the founder of Guccio. At this time, the company created not only bags and shoes, but also other accessories, even Gucci men's clothing for jockeys. After his death, relatives tried to preserve the grandeur and glamor of the company whenever possible, but by the 1980s it became clear that they would not succeed. For this reason, the fashion house was sold to Investcorp.

Features of clothing Gucci

In 1984, the chair of the creative director tookTom Ford. From his presentation, the company's range has changed: in women's collections, the main stake was on the sexuality of the figure and the grace of the lines. This turn was quite sharp, but it was this that brought the brand to a new stage of development and led to unprecedented popularity.

Since 2006, the creative director of Gucci -Italian Frida Giannini. The collections of clothing with its arrival have changed dramatically. In place of deep decollete and provocative details came elegant and aesthetic. Glamorous notes, while still intact - it's all the same flowing luxury fabrics, elongated silhouettes and an abundance of accessories.

2014 was marked by a change in the creativedirector. Now for the concept of models meets Alessandro Michele. Changes have become noticeable already at the first fashion show. This collection of Gucci clothes turned out to be eccentric, memorable and very fresh. The designer boldly uses a riot of colors with strict silhouettes and a large number of parts and accessories. In a word, he gives vent to his imagination and offers to do the same to every fashionista. Bright, original outfits just do not leave room for stiffness and longing.

Gucci clothing

Religious belongings of Gucci

Like any other brand with such a longhistory, "Gucci" boasts several things that not only brought him a multimillion-dollar profit, but remain recognizable even after several decades.

  1. The most famous and recognizable footwear of this brandby right are the Horse Transfer hoists. In 2013 the model celebrated its anniversary - 60 years. However, even after so many years, they are popular among women all over the world and are synonymous with comfort and elegance. These losers will make an ideal pair, both dress and fashionable jeans.

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  2. Bag of Bamboo. Initially, the designers of the fashion house decided to supplement the women's bag with a bamboo handle solely for reasons of functionality (in fact, the pen first of all loses its appearance). However, the design was so unusual and stylish that the model is still popular. Moreover, other brands are happy to adopt this idea.

    Gucci clothing

  3. Jackie O. Another bag claiming to be a cult thing is the mega-functional Jackie O bag, which was named after Jacqueline Kennedy (Onassis).

Women's clothing Gucci

Each collection of women's clothes Gucci - a mix of elegance, comfort and original color combinations. In addition, any thing produced by this company, will be able to please its possessor with the luxury of flowing fabrics.

"Gucci" for many years produces a widean assortment of clothes for the beautiful half of humanity. Among the models there are elegant trouser suits, stunning evening dresses, clothes in linen style, fur and leather.

As for prints, the most recognizable is the natural pattern.

Men's clothing "Gucci"

Men's clothing Gucci It can not be confused with the products of other brands. In every model there is an unrivaled style and luxury. Buying a jacket, jeans or a shirt from "Gucci", you can be absolutely sure: this thing will perfectly emphasize the strong character and sense of style of its owner.

Men's Clothing Gucci

In the collections there are classic suits, trendy jeans, cocky ducks and eccentric bombers and shirts. In short, every man can find a suitable outfit for today's mood.

Children's clothing Gucci

Since 2011, Gucci has taken a course to developchildren's clothes. Now you can look stylish and small fashionistas and women of fashion. Most often, collections of children's things are a reflection of collections of adult clothing, borrowing from there the basic elements and directions.

Appearance of fashionable outfits for boys and girlsmade a real sensation in the fashion world. Collections were enthusiastically received by the public. And this is not surprising. The designers succeeded in combining original cuts and fashionable colors with natural fabrics and comfort.

Gucci baby clothes

Shoes and accessories

Chic and elegance of bags and shoes are recognized even by those who are not enthusiastic about clothes of Gucci. Do not be surprised, because the accessories of the fashion house are products that are mostly in the classical style with a touch of elegance and restrained luxury.

Each model of the bag is a carefully thought outshape, high-quality genuine leather, perfect tailoring and expensive fittings. Such a detail of the wardrobe is in itself an ornament. Small and large, bright and in traditional shades, the bags of "Gucci" are recognizable and loved.

Among the brand's accessories are belts, scarves,headgear and much more. However, designers did not dwell on this. With the participation of famous perfumers, unique flavors were created that can emphasize the uniqueness and richness of the created image.

Fashion house "Gucci" constantly pleases its fans with new collections. Designers put a lot of effort to look fashionable and elegant could and women and men.

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