How to clean gold at home: the best ways and means

It is rare to meet a woman who does not likejewelry, especially made of precious metal. And everyone, who has at least one such product, sooner or later wonders how to clean gold at home in order to restore his former appearance. There is not one way for this procedure. But to get a good result, you need to do this correctly, given the nuances associated with the product. We will discuss this in detail in our article.

How to clean it properly? Especially

Before starting to work, it is necessary to understand how to properly clean gold, what problems can be associated with the process:

than to clean gold at home
  1. Cleaning products with stones, relief engravings and drawings, as well as a lot of bends - is more difficult and painstaking work. In addition, stones require special treatment.
  2. Simultaneous cleaning of silver and gold products is not allowed. This can adversely affect both metals.
  3. Caution should be the use of acids and alkalis during cleaning.
  4. It is important to know that cleaning of white and yellow gold is different with the means used.

When is it better to contact a master to avoid spoiling the product?

If you do not know how to clean yourselfornaments made of precious metals, then the best way out is going to the jeweler. He himself will pick up what to clean the gold to glisten and had an attractive appearance. In general, the master should also address the situation, if the contamination is quite high and it will be difficult to manage independently. In addition, there are products that are highly recommended to trust only the master, namely:

how to clean gold
  1. Ornaments with such stones as pearls, amber,emerald, coral. The fact is that these inserts are rather capricious. And in case of an error, the stone can simply change its color or fall out due to the weakening of the fasteners.
  2. No less capricious, and inserts of enamel and mother-of-pearl, which can easily be scratched and thereby worsen the presentability of the product.

Having determined what kind of product it is planned to clean and how much it is possible for it to be independently processed, it is necessary to prepare materials for the procedure.

Soft cloth for cleaning jewelry

As a cleaning agent for gold inhome conditions popular popular means. The simplest material for returning jewelry to its original beauty is a fleecy soft fabric. How to clean gold at home? With a soft cloth, you can polish the product. But if it has a dark plaque and dirt in the bends, then the remedy will be ineffective. Then you will have to use more aggressive drugs.


How to clean gold at home? The use of ammonia as a cleaner for different surfaces is often encountered. The same applies to gold jewelry. So how to clean gold with ammonia and how is the solution prepared?

  1. Pour ammonia and water in equal quantities into the chosen dishes with sides.
  2. Add a few drops of dishwashing detergent.
  3. Place the jewelry in the mixture for one hour.
than to clean gold

After the time has elapsed,rinse them in running water and dry with a cloth or napkin. The method is very effective, even if the surface is already aged contamination. If they are not so serious, then you can apply another, softer means:

  1. Place the dishes on the bottom to clean the piece of cloth.
  2. Place the product on top.
  3. Pour a solution of water with a dish detergent in the proportion of 1 teaspoon per glass of water.
  4. All boil for fifteen minutes.

After the completion of the process, it is necessary to rinse the products with cold water from the tap and dry it with a cloth.

Alcohol when cleaning products from gold

Every housewife knows that soda, alcohol and dentalPastas are no less effective in combating pollution, stains and plaque. Given such unique characteristics of these materials, their use for cleaning jewelery from precious metals is also acceptable. True, with some reservations.

cleaning gold with stones

Is it possible to clean gold with alcohol? Now we will answer this question. But it is necessary to consider what kind of alcohol. For example, say that ammonia - definitely yes, but the medical will have to be diluted with water one to one. It is important to know that you can not put the product in a solution. You can only wipe with a moistened cotton swab.

Soda: how should I clean this product?

Is it possible to clean gold with soda? It can be unequivocally said that it is better to refuse this method if the product is used in dry form. Since the powder is abrasive and can leave scratches on the product. How to clean gold at home? Now tell.

how can I clean the house gold

As for the use of soda in cleaning solutions, it does not consist of a single agent:

  1. In the container, pour a little soda and add hydrogen peroxide, until the mass reaches the state of the gruel. The resulting mixture can clean the product, after which it must be washed and dried.
  2. You can use soda directly on the dressing. That is, the product should be covered with a powder, which is poured over the vinegar. The method is not suitable for products with the stones mentioned above.
  3. Vinegar and soda can be used by connecting 2 to 1. In the resulting mass, you need to place the product for no more than two hours.
  4. As a cleaning agent, you can applysolution of soda, salt and water. A mixture is prepared by dissolving the dry constituents in water with subsequent transfusion into the dishes laid with foil, and already the products are lowered into it. After one hour, the decoration can be cleaned with a brush with soft bristles.
  5. You can use 50grams of soda per ½ cup of water, which are placed in a pan with ornaments. The tank is sent to the fire. After the reaction of boiling water and soda, the fire is reduced to a minimum and 2 tbsp. l. vinegar. To boil it is necessary not less than fifteen minutes.

It is important to remember that, no matter what method is chosen,after treatment with a solution of soda, the product should be rinsed in cold running water and wipe dry with a napkin. Otherwise, you can spoil the decoration.

Toothpaste when cleaning products from gold

Are gold cleaned with toothpaste? Yes. And quite often. This simple method is also effective for self-application. Dental powder or paste is no less effective than soda.

cleaning agent for gold

But we must remember that they also contain particles,capable of scratching the product. Therefore, it is unacceptable to apply the method on smooth, opaque and white gold products. In the rest, the cleaning process is not so complicated. A paste or powder is applied to the product and the necessary manipulations are carried out with a soft toothbrush. After completion of work, as in other cases, the product should be washed under a stream of water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Ornaments with hard stones. How to clean?

When the product without stones, all more or less clear. But how to clean gold with stones, because such jewelry requires more careful treatment? Now we'll figure it out.

do they clean the gold with toothpaste

If you have a product with hard stones(diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, cubic zirconium, quartz, ruby, topaz), the most often recommended cleanser is a soapy solution. If the product has strong contaminants, then the use of ammonia, and in some cases peroxide or gasoline is quite acceptable. Since they effectively dissolve fat films and stains. You can also buy a special composition, reminiscent of pasta, for products with inserts of precious stones. After processing and washing the products, it is very important to wipe them with a soft fleecy cloth such as velor or flannel.

In what cases is contact with water prohibited?

If the stones are soft - pearls, amber and coral,then the best care for them will be protection from contact with water. If this happens, it is necessary to wipe dry and dry the product. In the case of severe soiling, a mild soap solution can be used without prolonged exposure.

Cleaning of white and matte gold. What means are used in this case?

Care for white gold and cleaning can be doneusing a solution of water, ammonia and detergent, the recipe is given above. After the product has spent an hour in such a composition, it can be washed and treated with a soft cloth that does not scratch. If the risk of damage to the surface seems too large, then you can prepare a mixture of egg yolk and 2 tbsp. l. beer. It must be applied to the fabric and processed.

than to clean gold to shine

For matte gold the most preferableoption will be a 25% solution of ammonia, in which the product must be fully immersed for 2 hours. After it is necessary to wash it and dry it with a soft cloth. Any mechanical effects must be completely ruled out so that there are no marks or scratches left on the product.

How to save the result for a long time after cleaning the gold products?

After cleaning jewelry, a woman wants to save the result for a long time. For this to be possible, certain rules must be observed:

  1. It is impossible to allow contact of jewelry with acids and alkalis.
  2. It is necessary to protect them from regular contact with aggressive chemical compounds.
  3. Avoid contact with abrasive compounds, paints and iodine.
  4. In time, clean the products, without waiting for them to completely contaminate.
  5. Avoid contact with cosmetics and medications.
how to clean gold with stones

From the list of rules, we can unambiguously concludethat when carrying out domestic work is very important to use gloves, if the products are worn on the hands. In all other cases, the best way is to remove all gold from yourself before cosmetic or grooming procedures. After all, often this is the reason for the appearance of greasy plaque or film on the surface of products, because of which they have to be subjected to cleaning.

A small conclusion

Now you know how to clean gold in your homeconditions. Whichever method is chosen, the correct approach and compliance with rules are important. If you ignore the need for timely cleaning of gold, then this can lead to allergic reactions to the skin, or inflammation in the case of earrings. And tarnished stones in any way can not emphasize the product, even if it is exquisite. In turn, the cleared ornaments will please their mistress with their beauty and dazzling look for a long time, while observing all the rules of care after treatment.

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