Knot the tie as a tie (photo). How to tie a tie with a double knot

For many men, beautifully and neatly fastenedneck tie is considered a huge and insoluble problem. After all, there are quite a few options for tying. Node tie can be either simple or complicated.

Tie at all times was one of the mostexpressive male accessories. This is due to the fact that he, almost the only one, brings variety to the monotonous and conservative clothing of men and gives personality. This accessory can tell a lot about the nature of its owner, about habits and ways of life.

What should be the tie

The larger the man in the shoulders, the lessbe the visible part of the tie. The optimal width is 9-11 cm. If the owner of a tie is large, this measurement of this accessory should exceed the standard and be approximately 12-13 cm.

The color of the described clothing element should be in harmony with the color of the suit and shirt. At the same time, the shirt should be lighter than the tie, and the jacket - the tone is darker.

The accessory of dark coloring with a fine pattern is considered everyday, and bright with a large pattern - solemn.

The node must be tight.

The tie should go down a couple of centimeters below the belt, covering the distance between the belt of the trousers and the lower button of the shirt.

Also, the harmony between the width of the accessory and the collar must be observed. Nowadays, the optimal width of the necktie near the neck is 8.2 cm, but the options are from 7 to 9 cm.

Fashion and traditions

Designers and fashion experts advise everyonestylish man get several kinds of this element of clothing. First of all, it is a one-color tie. It should be chosen so that it would fit several suits at the same time.

The second mandatory option is a striped tie. It should be selected to a one-color side.

The third option is a bright tie.Of course, it is more suitable for young people and people of creative professions. And respectable gentlemen, stylists recommend wearing bright ties in the summer and under light jackets.

Also designers advise to have in a wardrobe and a product in polka dots, but the main rule at its choice - to not go too far with the size of circles.

Simple knots for a tie

If you follow the recommendations, then you can tie a tie even with a child, it's not at all difficult!

1. Simple. This option is suitable for people who are just starting to tie a knot. It is standard and suitable for almost any type of product.

knot of a tie

2. The universal.This option is the most popular way to tie a tie. This can be built from a wide dense or silk standard width, as well as from a narrow, now entering into fashion products.

knot for a tie

3. Elegant.This knot of the tie is slightly different from the universal one. Just on the right side, another turn is added. You can achieve the desired knot size if you experiment with accessories of different widths or change the position of the wide and narrow end.

knots for a tie

4. Interesting. Perfectly harmonizes with high collars. Such a site will be just a find in the winter. For this, woolen or cashmere products are suitable.

how to tie a tie

These were standard and uncomplicated knots for a tie, but there are knots and ornate, and more interesting.


It represents a double knot, thanks towhich has an additional thickening on the necktie. This option is often used for thin or lost their previous appearance of products. The next photo clearly shows how to tie a tie with a double knot.

how to tie a tie with a double knot


This option is the simplest and the most suitableto the narrow buttoned up collar of the shirt. The highlight of this method is that it is tied from beginning to end inside out. This option will initially require some effort, and the speed of tying depends mainly on the material from which the tie is made.

Pratt. Knot of tie


This unit is suitable for shirts with standardcollar. It has a straight long form and is quite uncomplicated in tying. The knot has a wedge-shaped, slightly asymmetrical appearance, and also has the property of self-dissolving. Of course, this is not so easy as tying a tie with a double knot, but for people who do not want to master in several ways at once, this one will fit perfectly.

knots for a tie


This node is in good harmony with the divergentcollars. It turns out to be tight, wide and bulky, while having a triangular shape. It is quite difficult to execute a node, the main difficulty is remembering the sequence of actions. Most often, "Windsor" can be found at official events.

nodes. How to tie a tie


This method is a simplified variationWindsor. It has an average width relative to the original method. The form of the "Half-Windsor" is triangular, symmetrical and most suited to collars of standard width. The node looks decent, but at the same time it does not require much effort to design.



Knot tie has a fairly unusualshape. It is somewhat like a weaving "fish tail". Although this site is also complex in performance, it's worth it, because it looks very impressive! The complexity of tying the "Eldridge" node consists of 15 steps of its implementation. The procedure is different from everyone else, because the main role is played by manipulations with only the narrow end of the tie. And after the knot is completed, the shortest residue should be hidden behind the collar of the shirt. The Eldridge node refers more to corporate than to official versions.

Eldridge. Knot of tie

It can be concluded that for tying the mainmale jewelry there are different knots. How to tie a tie, a person chooses himself. Of course, you should pay attention to the fabric from which this accessory is made, the color in which it is made, to the suit and shirt to which the tie is worn. Also it is necessary to take into account the event that the man was going to attend. If all the moments are met, a person will not look ridiculous, rather a set-up - an elegant look will draw attention to himself.

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