Beach dresses and tunics.

Many of us look forward to the summer. After all, it is associated with heat, magical nights, ringing from the heat of the air and all sorts of delights of relaxation, in particular, with leave. A huge number of women are waiting for this beautiful time to go to the sea. And someone for this is enough to drive two blocks, and someone needs to book a ticket to the travel agency. But this does not change one thing: the wardrobe of any woman on the eve of the summer season is subject to immediate replenishment. Finally, it was a cold winter, an ambiguous spring, and you can wear lightweight, weightless clothes that do not cause any inconvenience.

The main trend of the season, which is worth drawingattention is beach dresses and tunics. They create a unique image of a strong, confident woman, romantic and vulnerable, successful and independent. A huge number of fashion collections now offers all kinds of models, colors, fabrics and so on. And it's like tunics for girls, and for adults, mature women. Beach dresses have an entertaining silhouette, creative decor, quite simple cut, and most importantly, they are practical and comfortable to use.

Beach dresses and tunics designed, in the firstturn, for rest. But despite this, many demands are made to them. They certainly should be lightweight, airy, weightless, and they also provide a beautiful, even tan, protect the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight, which can not be said about a bikini or pareo. Beach dresses and tunics allow to maintain a stable body temperature, they are able to protect your body from hypothermia in case of unexpected rain and save from the exhausting heat. All this is possible to achieve mainly thanks to the fabrics of clothing for the beach: breathable cotton, lightest cotton, nice knitwear, georgette, crepe de Chine, linen, silk, satin and others. Sometimes elastane or lyocell is added to the tissues so that beach dresses and tunics do not lose their shape in conditions of active rest.

White tunic or beach dress - the mostpopular option now. This color itself is pure and innocent, as well as it is associated with warmth and good summer weather. A long dress in a hippy style will look great with sandals on a flat sole. A special impression on others can be made by wearing a dress made of lace. In general, white color looks great on tanned bronze skin.

Great popularity continues to enjoyflirtatious mini. A short dress of flower coloring creates a fresh, young and incendiary image. Mini dresses can be worn with a high waistcoat or with sandals on a low sole. Be sure to complement the image with a panama and a straw bag. This outfit is suitable for everyday style combined with a stable heel and jacket. A short dress should always be selected according to the shape.

Especially fashionable and popular now are maxi dresses.Such clothes are comfortable and feminine. The image can be supplemented with a large bag, large sunglasses sandals on a wedge or flat sole. If you choose a mottled maxi, then no special accessories will be required. But the dress of pastel colors can be supplemented with a wide belt or colored shoes.

Long tunics make it easy to move around, anda large number of all kinds of colors leaves room for creativity. The tunic can be decorated with large beads, earrings, a wide belt or other accessories.

Currently, women of fashion can choose from:beach dresses and tunics can be juicy, acid tones, marine colors, safari colors, made in folklore motifs or classical. It all depends on your preferences and tastes.

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