The gold signet. What for?

For a long time, the gold seal was consideredsymbol of power, prosperity and power. Not all of them were worn. It was the privilege of kings, queens, warlords, shamans and other people who have power. The pens were worn not only by men, but also by women. They were mainly needed in order to seal the letters. From here it's a piece of jewelry and got its name.

gold signet

The envelope with the message was filled with sealing wax, and the imprintthe signet of the king or another person who had power was put on top. Without an impression from the seal, the document sent in the envelope was considered to be legally invalid. These accessories played the role of modern facsimiles and were inherited from generation to generation. The transfer was stipulated in the will.

At the present time the gold seal has ceasedto bear such a semantic load and became only a part of the image for men, which in the completed version is supplemented with a gold wedding ring. For women, it's just a beautiful accessory.

men's gold prints

The modern gold seal looks mucheasier: it's just a large ring, which has a certain impression, decorated with precious stones. In the old days, the stones in the ring were not set in - it was impractical.

Ancient seals, unlike mostmodern analogues had not a convex, but a dent drawing, so that the print was embossed and it could not be faked. At present, this has ceased to matter. Previously, the gold print was worn only on the little finger, but nowadays it is worn on any finger, not paying attention to the tradition.

Men's gold prints, unlike women'smore massive and ascetic. At the same time, the figure on the female adornment can be more gentle and speaking, although most women do not accept this accessory at all and consider it too rude in any performance.

gold prints photo

Seal of the Pope - this is the most famousmale decoration of the present, it is called "The Fisherman's Signet." It depicts Peter, throwing a net from the boat. If the Pope dies, the decoration must be destroyed.

At all times, seals were given a specialmysterious meaning. It was believed that their possessor is endowed with a certain magical power. This was believed by Freemasons, Hitler, Pushkin, and many emperors. Seal was considered not only a symbol of power, but also a talisman that kept its owner. There is an opinion that Pushkin's poem "Keep me, my talisman" was dedicated to the print that Elizaveta Vorontsova gave him.

According to psychologists, on the basis ofwhich finger a man wears a signet, one can judge his temperament. If a man wears an ornament on a pinky - he is a creative person, on a ring finger - he clearly observes and honors family traditions, on an average - believes that he is handsome and attractive, for the index - he has power over people, and on a large one - he has sexuality.

Times change, but the best decoration for the handmen will remain gold prints. The photos of these accessories once again make sure that they are massive and at the same time elegant. For yourself or as a gift, you can always pick up exactly what corresponds to the person's nature.

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