Tunics 2011: colorful, ethnic, for all occasions

Fashion never stands still - what waspopular today, tomorrow will be forgotten and called offensive word "old-fashioned." However, this does not mean that the fashion is changing irrevocably: in just a few decades, new mods will proudly wear everything that was once considered indecently stylish. Fashion trends of the past are not repeated one hundred percent, but they have a huge impact on modern designers, forcing them to recall forgotten styles, and on their basis to create new, completely original and stylish. This year in this plan does not lag behind the previous ones: in the summer and autumn of 2011 mods with free silhouettes, airy, slightly frivolous, multi-colored, such as various models of tunics, will be presented to the mods.

Tunic can be called something middle between dressand blouse - a little shorter than the first and slightly longer than the second. It can be said that this piece of clothing is a loose shirt of a straight style with sewn sleeves or just holes in the side seams, which is worn over the head. Tunics 2011 are very comfortable, especially in the hot summer period, when you want to make the outfit as easy as possible, both practical and luxurious. In addition, they are universal: that the thing sat on its owner perfectly, you just need to pick up tight clothes (democratic jeans, strict skirts, frivolous breeches, summer shorts), complementing the kit and creating a kind of contrast between the flowing top and emphasizing the harmony of the figure bottom.

The color scale of these wardrobe items canbe the most diverse, but the most common color is still white. White tunics are made of natural materials - silk, cotton or linen, complemented by colorful designs and decorative elements that do not weight the fabric. It is this style is very popular in the hot summer, as it helps to survive the debilitating heat. However, white color is interesting not only from the point of view of practicality, but also because it is very expressive, attractive and attractive, especially if you choose the right make-up with white shadows that emphasize the charm of the eyes and complete the stylish image.

Another advantage of this type of clothing -the ability to combine with any kind of shoes, starting with elegant sandals with heels-studs, ending with all sorts of ballet shoes, shoes on a wedge or the most unpretentious sandals. As an additional decorative decoration for tunic 2011, you can choose ethnic accessories or jewelry - from multi-color embroidery on the thing itself and a bright scarf around your neck, to all kinds of beads, chains, bright large earrings or lots of bracelets. A very original solution can be a wide belt of leather that will pick up the flowing tunic fabric and emphasize the slenderness of the figure.

Fashion returns again free dress cutswith an apparent multilayeredness, light oriental accents and a large number of the most original styles, thanks to which tunics 2011 turn into a unique wardrobe item - universal, comfortable and stylish. Designers create evening dresses-tunics, straight cut with neat sleeves to the elbow or with slits for hands, sometimes with a smell. Long they can reach the middle of the thigh, although often are shorter. In similar outfits a round or V-shaped throat. Another style - tunic dresses for every day, from mini to knee length, different cuts, with open shoulders and sleeves, turn-down collars and flounces, as well as all kinds of pockets and belts. Tunics 2011 are produced in the fashionable ethnic style - Japanese, with a round neckline and wide closed shoulders, and Greek, with a straight asymmetrical silhouette and closed hands.

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