The best ways how to tie a butterfly

Bow tie - very fashionable attribute todaystatus, which gives the male image finesse, and at the same time classical rigor. This is part of the formal gala wardrobe. Such a tie is suitable for visiting weddings, uttering speeches, etc. If you are in for a status event, you just need to know in advance how to tie a butterfly, this small, not giving up position for centuries competitor of a classic tie.

how to tie a butterfly
Remember that traditionally this attribute is supplementedtailcoats and tuxedos. True, modern fashion allows wearing a butterfly and together with ordinary jackets, and also without them at all, with only shirts with short or long sleeves. But this dress is suitable for a youth party or a walk, but not for a solemn event with the official part.
In addition, before you learn how to tie a butterfly, you must first buy it.

Choose a bow tie

Modern shops offer manyvariants of this accessory. You can find almost all colors and patterns, materials and textures. But the main thing is to be guided not only by your own preferences, but also by the relevance of this or that kind of butterfly. After all, this attribute should complement the costume, if you go to an official event.

Buy a bow tie
To meet friends, for example, you can wearButterfly as an accent, a small detail that will make the image foppy and original. So, the choice is made. Now consider how to tie a butterfly.

Sleight of hand

Attach the butterfly after youfully dressed. Stand in front of the mirror and hang your necktie. Fill it by the collar of the shirt. Then the ends of the butterfly must be crossed and stretched out the end, which was on top, under the one that was below. Do this on the right side. Then it is necessary to transfer the end, which turned out from the bottom, to the left side in such a way that a loop is formed. Through its center it is necessary to throw the upper end. Then the second end is added as a loop. In this case, behind the necktie, another loop is formed, through which the second end of the tie must be passed. After this, the loops must be carefully pulled so that the knot is tightened. Correct the node so that it is exactly in the center. Correctly tied butterfly should not protrude from the corners of the shirt.

Tie a butterfly
This is the easiest way to tiebutterfly. At the same time, it is a classic and, one can say, win-win. A bit of skill - and the knot will turn smooth and beautiful from the first.

Some secrets of tying a butterfly

Accuracy is very important when tying a butterfly, because a sloppy accessory will spoil the gloss and glamor of the image.
Do you want to look irresistible at any celebration? Would you like to create an image of a real gentleman? So, it's time to buy a bow tie. This attribute is associated with representatives of high society with refined manners and impeccable upbringing. Of course, only to tie a butterfly is not enough to become a true gentleman. But if your inner qualities correspond to this rank, then why not add them with this charming accessory?

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