Popular summer images for young girls

Summer is not only time for holidays andromantic dates, but also the most suitable time of year for bright, fashionable outfits. Summer images of this season are easy, convenient, colorful colors and unprecedented audacity. Clothing for young women of fashion calls for activity and shocking, while emphasizing the individuality and uniqueness of each girl.

Summer Images

The youth fashion of this season does not tolerate restrictions, it calls for creativity and self-expression.

Summer images for girls

In collections for young girls designersuse a mixture of different styles (short shorts and wide t-shirts, classic evening dresses and sportswear elements), sometimes creating completely ridiculous compositions. Well, it only seems at first glance that the proposed images are ridiculous, in fact, such unusual combinations, give young women of fashion an individuality and distinguish them from the crowd.

Summer images for girls

In addition, the girls themselves can create their own images without fear of making mistakes in different styles and details, because this summer everything is allowed.

What should a fashion girl have in her wardrobe

To easily create different summer images, you will need the following things:

  • Dresses and skirts with ruches;
  • Clothing and accessories in an alternative style;
  • different clothes of denim;
  • shoes on the hairpin, emphasizing the femininity of its owner;
  • clothing in urban style and sports chic;
  • sporty and bright funny shoes;
  • knitted clothes;
  • things made of transparent material;
  • Clothing made of bright fabrics with color prints;
  • several men's shirts;
  • very short shorts;
  • overalls;
  • clothes made of leather;
  • things from lightweight fabrics;
  • brutal clothes;
  • clothes in the style of boho-chic;
  • various sports things: pants, jackets, shorts;
  • clothes with ethnic motives;
  • things from metallized fabric.

Attention to details

Creating a fashionable summer images, you can not do withoutwithout the use of accessories. Long colored beads, large chains and leather bracelets in the style of rock, huge bags-bags and miniature clutches, sunglasses, hats with wide margins, are the details without which any image will look unfinished.

Fashionable summer images

Particular attention this summer, designers payunusual jewelry. They offer to use women's fashion rings with leather inserts, massive bracelets with rhinestones and lace, short pendants in the form of polished colored stone, earrings made of fur, creating with their help fashionable summer images. Summers are usually waiting for the whole year, so do not limit yourself to conservative outfits and faded decorations.

Also this summer it is fashionable to wear large hairpins forhair, diadems, hoops and various bright hats. However, given that all jewelry is mostly large, it is worthwhile to warn fashionistas against using excessive amounts of accessories. Remember that laconism still always remains in fashion, and therefore, creating summer images, choose some one decoration, if only the style of clothing does not involve an abundance of details.

Choosing glasses, give preference to models with colored glass. This is the most current trend of this summer.

Fashionable handbags differ this year with an abundance of sequins, rhinestones, fringe, lace, beads and appliqués.

Ideas of fashion combinations

This summer will require you to be creative.creating your image. You can combine stylish ensembles based on ideas from fashion magazines and celebrity photos. The simplest and most up-to-date summer looks can be realized by wearing a light romantic dress with rough tractor-soled shoes, a flared skirt with a sports jacket and high-heeled shoes, high-waisted short shorts and a white blouse or a wide t-shirt that falls from shoulder.

Summer images of summer

For a romantic date, designers offera lacy dress of a delicate shade with a minimum of accessories or a fluffy skirt of antique rose color with a chiffon shirt and sandy shoes. Also fit skirt flared juicy color with a white or colored top.

You will look stylish if you wear a crochet top, which opens the belly, with wide trousers in a hooligan style.

Being on vacation and going to the beach,wear a bright color tunic on your swimsuit. In the evening, the image will be enough to add jeans, and you will get a stylish bow for the boardwalk. And adding a wide belt, clutch and shoes with heels, you can go to a nightclub.

If you prefer long skirts, match them with wedge sandals and open tops or wide short T-shirts.

Overview of major youth brands

It is much easier to get clothes and make upsummer images in stores that specialize in selling things for young people. Considering that the majority of young girls do not have large amounts to buy clothes, the price category of the brand also matters. The most popular youth brands include the following.

  1. Jennyfer. This company produces only women's youth clothing, shoes, underwear and accessories. Things of this brand are sold in stores around the world and are distinguished by high style and relevance of models. In addition, the brand is quite cheap, which makes it accessible to all girls.
  2. Kira Plastinina - Russian brand ownedthe youngest designer in the world and designed for modern fashionistas. Perhaps it is precisely because the girl herself is very young, the things of her collections always correspond to the latest trends and are liked by customers. Clothes Kira Plastinina can be attributed to the average price category.
  3. Replay specializes mainly in releasedenim clothing designed for young people. The main part of the collections is produced in Italy, which can already serve as a guarantee of the quality of clothes, made in accordance with the latest fashion trends. The brand belongs to the average price category.
  4. Mango is considered the mark of the average price, althoughCompared with previous brands, clothing from this manufacturer is still somewhat more expensive. The brand offers things for young people, made in different styles. Clothing of this brand is widely known and loved by fashionistas around the world.
  5. In addition, you should pay attention to the stores Zara, Promod, Diesel, Adidas NEO, H & M Studio, Free People.

Using the above tips and showing imagination, you can create a stylish individual image.

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