Tote bag: what is it and what to wear

Tote bag, what is it? In a literal translation into Russian this is a carry. In the classic version, a tote is a large bag with two comfortable handles, into which you can put a huge amount of things. Also, the distinctive feature of the carrying bag is the complete absence of any fastening on top and the presence of just one compartment without pockets.

Fashion and convenience

Due to its practicality, the tote bag is an idealbeach version, it will perfectly accommodate all kinds of towels and other accessories, and it is indispensable in stores. In addition to the fact that it can easily be hung on your shoulder and free your hands, if necessary, you can add shopping to the bag itself.

bag of photos

Of course, if you use such a bag foreveryday exits, put valuable things in it, for example, a wallet or a phone, you need to pay attention to modern models equipped with either a zipper or buttons on top.

History of creation

The history of the bag appearance is due to the usuallinen bag, in which centuries ago women wore food! In our time, of course, the carry bag is used for other purposes. In it, for example, perfectly fit office documents or a large cosmetic bag, but the main conditions for this ladies' handbag were practicality and roominess. In recent years, designers are increasingly moving away from the classical performance, so more often you can find handbags of a medium-sized tote with small handles. For a more comfortable carrying over the shoulder, the carrying bag was equipped with a long strap and small pockets were added.

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Stylish image

Many people think: bag of taut - what is it and what to wear it with? Tote bag has a fairly simple, but at the same time stylish style. Clear geometric lines will add zest to any image. She will ideally look in the style of kazhual with his classic jeans, well suited to a strict suit for business meetings or work in the office. On a romantic walk, the tote bag will look gorgeous with a lush skirt in country style. In a sporty style, the carry bag will also find its place, on a long strap over the shoulder it will perfectly match with the sneakers.

handbag tote style

Tote bag can be found for almost any tasteand a purse, it can be made from genuine leather, or from its substitutes. Of the many bright colors, you can choose the one that suits you. Of course, if it's an image for every day or for an official event, it's worth giving preference to calm tones: black, brown, beige. In this case, the classic bag of genuine leather will perfectly fit into the image. But if you are not afraid to stand out in the crowd - boldly take the model in a bright ultramodern color, just make sure that the image as a whole looked harmonious.

Men's Tote Bag

Of course, originally the carrying bag wasexclusively female variant, was associated with a grocery shopping bag, so men treated her with caution. Now with confidence, we can say that a bag of taut is not only a female version. Moreover, many men have already appreciated its convenience in everyday life.

Bag tote - what is it in the men's wardrobe andWhat are her differences from women? The difference, in principle, is small. Men's bag tote, as well as women’s, can be made in various ways and is designed for a variety of purposes. On the beach, for example, men can take a simple classic carrying from dense fabric with two long handles.

Men's bags for every day, as well asWomen's, most often sewn from leather or its substitutes, may have fabric inserts, additional straps, pockets and always a fastener or buttons. This bag is suitable for various everyday purposes, walks, work. Bag tote, photos of which are presented in our article, complements the male image.

men's tote bag

Such a bag can be made from expensivenatural leather, to have both internal and external compartments. The third option for a men's bag tote is a model that resembles a briefcase in style. Such an elegant solution is the choice of serious men. The bag looks pretty presentable and is suitable for serious business meetings where you need to look perfect. You can find models close to the men's briefcase for storing documents, and some bags can be an excellent option on the road.

genuine leather tote bag


Bag tote - an indispensable accessory for anyoneman, in our time, almost everyone will find this. Its undoubted advantages, as already mentioned, are practicality and convenience, as well as price. Of course, if you choose a brand model of genuine leather, you have to spend money, but a simple bag made of thick fabric can be found at a very affordable price.

When it became clear what it is - bag tote andwhy it is needed, the question arises, where to get it. You can buy such a bag in almost any store, the variety will please even the most discerning. And the most original one, wishing to have a unique bag tote, which no one else has, can be offered to make it yourself! There is nothing difficult in this, it is enough to choose a suitable fabric, and then use fantasy and create. And if you get carried away, you can turn this activity into your hobby and please your loved ones with original accessories.

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