What to wear with a leather skirt: a few ideas

A girl should always look perfect.Despite the weather, mood or place of stay. Therefore, many ladies will be useful tips that wear with a leather skirt to look beautiful and elegant.

what to wear with a leather skirt

About fashion

It should be noted that no matter how many timeschanged, the leather skirt always remains relevant. It can be worn both in summer and during the cooler season, it is good at work, at a party and even on a romantic date. This is an indispensable thing that should be in every girl's wardrobe.


What to wear with a leather skirt to work?First of all, it is worth noting that for work, you need to pick up a black pencil skirt. It will look not only beautiful, but also moderately severe. To this along comes a strict monophonic blouse, better white or beige, without ruches, folds and bows. On top you can put on a dark jacket. Everything, the work order, in which the leather skirt will appear, is ready!

women's leather skirts


On a date the girl should look gentle andromantic. Therefore, to a leather skirt (which, by the way, can be both long and short, as well as any color), you can pick up a light blouse of pastel tones. There are already appropriate will be delicate wrinkles. And, of course, it's important not to forget about the heels!

A party

Women's leather skirts are also acceptable forvarious kinds of parties. What can you wear with a skirt in this situation? An excellent outlet will be a top, shirt or T-shirt of the same shade, you can with a cheerful print. The image is perfectly complemented by large round earrings, a clutch, as well as ankle boots or shoes of contrasting color.

leather jacket with skirt


Finding out what to wear with a leather skirt, ladyit is better to be extremely attentive, because it is very easy to overload your image and look just vulgar. So, you need to remember that with a leather skirt can combine a bag and shoes of the same material, but dressing completely in the skin - a bad tone. Therefore, it is better to exclude such outfit as a leather jacket with a skirt made of the same material, only representatives of certain subcultures can do this.


What to wear with a leather skirt flared upwards?A great way out of the situation will be a dress in country style. To do this, you only need a turtleneck and waistcoat, you can put on your feet a half-boot. Beautiful and unusual!

A few rules

If the leather skirt is straight or has a shape"Pencil", the upper part of the ladies wardrobe can be magnificent. And vice versa, if her skirt is widened downwards, then it's better to wear a tight-fitting top. If the girl's leather skirt is bright color, the top is better for her to wear light or contrast colors. The leather skirt with boots, and also with clothes of "animal" prints looks tastelessly. A short leather skirt is a taboo for short girls with full legs. Also, do not wear a leather pencil skirt to ladies who have problematic places in the figure, for example, wide hips. For daily wear, a black or dark leather skirt is perfect, it can be combined with any top and does not look vulgar or rough. It is also important to choose the right accessories so that the image is complete and not overloaded.

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