The correct length of a tie

Meet on clothes.This statement is true for both women and men. Psychologists have established that anyone needs less than half a minute to make a first impression of a person and about five years to dispel it. And this is the first, and the most important impression is almost entirely based on appearance, and to a lesser extent on the gesticulation and speech of the interlocutor. There is no second first impression, therefore, in order not to get trapped, you must carefully approach your appearance. And if a woman can afford some liberties in almost any style of clothing, even in business, then a man such liberties are not permissible. The business suit of a man should be classic and elegant. Only in this case, a man can make a proper impression on his business partners.

A good suit speaks the best of its own"Owner": an expensive, well-cut suit is worn not only by people with high incomes, but also by strong self-confident individuals. Costumes in stripes or cage are preferred by non-trivial personalities, with a strong character. Blue colors highlight professionals, leaders who prefer an authoritarian style of management, and the Gray choose conservatives.

An equally important detail of a business suit istie, and especially the length of the tie. The tie is the most common accessory of the classic men's suit. Appearing in ancient Rome, it still remains a detail that can bring a zest to the image of a man. And if in the beginning he performed the function of a neck scarf, which defended against a cold, served as a sign of a man of noble class, now the tie brings an elegant touch to the business ensemble.

Many men are worried about the question of what kind ofbe the length of the tie. The length of the tie should be about 140 centimeters. It can differ for different men depending on the growth, the main rule: the length of the tie, which is tied, should reach the buckle of the trousers. Therefore, men of small stature should avoid simple knots. Ideal for them can serve those options that shorten the length due to multiple turns. To tall men it is necessary to choose simple knots that the length of the fastened tie did not appear too short.

It is believed that the color of the tie and its ornament cantell us about the nature of the man. A dotted ornament gives out a conservative, and a striped drawing is a law-abiding man. All kinds of diamonds and other uncomplicated figures attest to the high credulity of a man, and the circles give out the professionalism of their owner. The blue palette of this business accessory testifies to imperiousness, and the blue color gives out a person of trustful and complaisant. The red tie speaks of the assertiveness of its owner and his aggressiveness, both in work and in life. A white tie rarely accompanies a business suit, since it is intended only for the ceremonial dress of the invited evenings. He goes to a tuxedo or dress coat, a white tie in combination with a business suit is a sign of bad taste.

Modern designers love to experimentboth with the texture, so with the color range of the tie. So, Hubert Zivanshi offers men different options for ties: with a printed pattern or a weaving pattern. For printed designs the designer uses floral motifs on a contrasting background, for weaving - the same floral motifs, but with small colors in the tone of the background. Claude Montana prefers monophonic ties, which are dressed in the tone of a jacket, or bright, which contrast with it. Jean Patou shows collections that are out of fashion, so his neckties are very elegant.

Modern fashion does not impose strictrequirements for the texture and color range of the tie, fully relying on the taste of men. A tie is the right way to emphasize your personality, so a properly selected tie will add elegance to the business image.

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