What is the significance of the tattoo "Owl"?

Since primitive times, people have tried to decorate theirbody with different tattoos. They believed that the drawing of an animal would give them the strengths and skills peculiar to them. So, the value of the tattoo "Owl" is wisdom, and it was only allowed to the leaders and priests to wear this drawing on their body.

the value of a tattoo of an owl
And today such an opinion about tattoos takes place.The figure or symbol has its own special meaning, which is known only to the person who wears it. Sometimes it is able to change the life of its owner in the best or for worse, depending on the meaning that the image carries.

The meaning of the tattoo "Owl" is different for manypeoples. On most continents, this predator is associated with a night dweller, suggesting fear with his eerie voice and the ability to quietly approach. Many peoples attributed the properties of black magic to the bird, associated with the afterlife. It was believed that it only brings death. Thus, the peoples of Egypt, India, America considered the owl a bird that accompanies the souls of dead people. In China, it has the symbolism of destructive energy.

According to Greek mythology, the value of a tattoo"owl" can be interpreted as a symbol of wisdom. After all, this bird has always been a companion of Athena - the goddess of study. And the ancient Romans also revered the owl. She was considered a seer because of her ability to see in the dark.

which means an owl tattoo
The owl was even minted on ancient Greek coins. About her respectfully and European tales. In the Slavic peoples this night bird is a symbol of spirituality and wisdom.

How to interpret the value of the tattoo "Owl" deeplybelieving Christians? They believe that this bird is a symbol of unbelief, witchcraft, dirty thoughts. But in Hinduism, she is credited with the significance of cosmic spirituality.

No less important, where the tattoo "Owl" is depicted.The designation of the symbol of this bird depends on its location. Drawing on the chest will strengthen your fears, peace of mind will be broken. Finding a tattoo in the navel area helps activate your cruelty. According to astrologers, such a figure located in the lower abdomen is capable of awakening greed and domination in a person. If the choice of placement of the image fell on the solar plexus, then you risk waking up quietly drowsy meanness in your character. Hands adorned with tattoos are most often found in people who tend to achieve their goals. Located on the back of the picture can lead to a loss of confidence in the surrounding people, the desire to dominate all. A back tattoo can cause doubts in your current partner and a desire to get out of life a lot more than you have at the moment. Drawing on the head can cause a person to seek authority in society.

tattoo owl designation
Those who decided to decorate their body with a drawing of thisbirds, you should carefully study what the tattoo "Owl" means. Do not mindlessly fill the body with the first picture you like. You should always ask yourself what it means and how it can affect your destiny.

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