Beach tunic is not just a spectacular accessory

A place to relax is chosen, tickets are bought and thingsalmost completely folded. The set that every woman takes to rest, of course, includes a swimsuit and a pair. But this season, more and more popularity is gained by such an element of the wardrobe as

Beach tunic
Beach tunic.Everywhere there is a dress code, including on the beach. The history of tunics begins in ancient Greece, where this apparel was originally worn by both men and women. Later, the tunic became an element exclusively of the women's wardrobe. What kind of tunics are now, with which to wear them better and which models are the most fashionable this summer? We'll talk about this below.

The main points you need to know when choosing a tunic

The tunic has not undergone any significant changes.Even today they are in the form of a rectangle with holes for the hands and head. The beach tunic can be fixed on the figure with a belt, strings, even an elastic band and kulisks. As for the bottom edge, the designers depart from the canons and make the bottom of the product uneven. If you want to stay in trend, then a beach tunic with a deep lure will be very useful. As for the material, it can be almost anything, but it is necessarily light and airy, so it is tempting to emphasize all the charms of the possessor with the slightest blow of the wind. In addition, it is desirable that the tunic is in harmony with the color of the leotard. This will result in a complete and harmonious image.

What is the length and color of the tunic

beach tunics

Returning to the question of the color solution fortunics, it should be noted that this season is very popular cheerful and bright colors in combination with floral and animal prints. On the wave of growing interest in the culture of other nations, beach tunics with ethnic ornaments will also be relevant this season. In general, we can say that this summer there are no clear limits and limitations for flying fantasy. However, white color continues to be at the peak of popularity as an ageless classic. Complemented with exquisite gold details, such a beach tunic will transform her owner into a Greek goddess. And, not only a short tunic, barely covering the buttocks, can make a woman attractive. A semi-transparent robe in the floor that develops in the wind - what can be more sexy?

knitted beach tunics
Synthetics or naturalness

A beach tunic can be made from anymaterial, the main thing is that it is comfortable. For example, chiffon looks very sexy, mysterious and erotic. In addition, beach tunics of chiffon do not crumple and are free. These models have an uneven bottom or cuts are present. Chiffon beach tunic with long sleeves gives its owner a likeness with fairy fairy. Tunics of knitwear are hotter than chiffon, and they emphasize the figure more. In addition, the knitting model will look good only on a girl with an ideal figure. Knitted beach tunics made from natural yarn are becoming more and more popular. The model of manual work today is not just an indicator of status, but a sign of good taste.

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