Denim parks: properly worn and looked after

Probably every woman watches fashion andtries to look stylish. Often happens, that behind original features which appear every day, not to keep up. The clothing industry is constantly being updated. And not so long ago she pleased us with the appearance of a new kind of outerwear. Denim parks began to appear on the central store hangers. They fell in love with both girls and enough older women. We will understand the features of this element of the wardrobe.

Briefly about the main

For those who do not know what a park is, let's talk about it. This is an element of clothing that has appeared long ago among the northern peoples. Initially, it looked like this:

  • lambskin lining;
  • hood with a lug;
  • thin inner strap at the waist;
  • as the upper fabric served as fleece.

Wear such clothes in the cold in the city, and alsofor trips to fishing, hunting or just walking. Now the situation has radically changed. Parks can be found in various materials, shades and styles. Separate models for winter and autumn have been created. Denims parks became especially popular. This material is strong and worn with any accessories.

denim parks

Stylish city

If you are a casual style lover, then in yourthe wardrobe simply has to be such a stylish thing. Many scold her for not bringing the park to the image of femininity, although here one can argue. Rough clothes with male outlines always made any girl sexy. The jeans women's park will not make you a stylish and city thing yet. In this image, every detail has to be thought through. It is worth learning how to properly combine such a thing with other accessories.

Nosim by all rules

On the street in one park you will not walk. To do this, you need to think about what pants to combine with it. Here are the following types:

  • jeans of any shade;
  • leggings;
  • shorts, but this option is suitable for a warm season, when spring or autumn still pleases with sunny days;
  • Classic tight trousers, narrowed downwards.

Denim parks require the right top. And then there is where to clear up. A roughly stylish top looks like this:

  • strict cotton shirts;
  • various sweaters and cardigans;
  • men's fleece shirts in a cage.

park jeans female

Now it's worth talking about shoes. There are some nuances here:

  1. In the autumn-spring period shoes with flat soles will do. This includes various sneakers, boots or sneakers.
  2. Winter parks of denim are ideally combined with ugg boots, snickers or high boots.

As you can see, creating a bright and original image with the help of a park is easy. It is only necessary to know certain secrets and have at least a little sense of style.


We know with what clothes and shoes you can wear a park. But for completeness of the image, there are not enough details. They will help to place the right accents. These accessories include:

  1. Bags.There is not a single woman who does not have such an accessory. The bag carries not only practicality, but also makes the image stylish. Jeans jacket-park is combined with large leather bags, briefcases and various string bags.
  2. For the cold season, take care of the presence of a warm scarf. Great knitted snails are great for the park. The image will be fragile and feminine.

jeans jacket


Many are used to the fact that the park can only be wornwith trousers or jeans. But modern fashion completely destroyed all stereotypes. If you are going to an event that requires an evening dress, then definitely put on a park. Also, under such a jacket, you can safely wear a strict pencil skirt. Shoes in such a bold manner should be appropriate. Here the boots on high heels will look great, and to look more feminine, you can tie a belt over a jacket.

parks of denim


Denim is considered universal. It is well worn, but requires careful care. It is as follows:

  1. As little as possible, dry the jacket. After frequent procedures, the tissue deteriorates.
  2. If wet cleaning was carried out, then the park should be dried on the shoulders.
  3. Follow all the recommendations listed on the label exactly. This will help extend the life of your favorite jacket.

Denim parks are original things thatwill suit any wardrobe. They are comfortable to rest and go to work. Now you will always look stylish and fashionable, most importantly, choose the right accessories.

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