The most expensive things in the world (photo)

Have you ever thought about the existence ofthe rating of the most expensive items of clothing? It has already become customary that we are accustomed to divide people into different categories: the richest, the most talented, the famous, etc., thus inspiring humanity to new and new experiments. But what about the elements of the wardrobe? Do they obey the notorious rules of differentiation? What are they - the most expensive things in the world?

The most valuable garments. Top 10 for the year 2014

We present to your astonished gaze the ten fabulously expensive things of the planet, fixed for 2014.

Bikini from Susan Rosen

Diamond bikini from the designer Susan Rosen,who created it together with the company Steinmetz Diamonds, is considered one of the most valuable garments. The jewelry is made entirely of precious stones weighing 150 carats and is estimated at 30 million dollars. To produce a frank bikini, 6 diamonds of different shapes were required, which were fastened together by platinum threads. Hardly anyone really dares to sunbathe in such a provocative bikini, but it rightfully ranks first in the ranking of "the most expensive things in the world in 2014".

Red Diamond Abaya Dress

Designer from the UK Debbie Wingham decided,in turn, surprise the world by sewing a luxurious evening dress called Red Diamond Abaya, decorated with rows of diamonds and gold threads. The main object of the decor was a rare red diamond worth $ 7 million. In addition, the product on the whole surface is embroidered with two thousand small stones, 50 of which are black, and 50 more are white diamonds.

the most expensive things in the world
All gems are platinum-platedrims. A free dress-cloak was presented in Dubai for wealthy Muslim women and entered the category of "the most expensive things in the world (2013, 2014)". Its cost is $ 17.8 million.

Wedding dress from R. Strauss and M. Katz

Wedding dress, designed by designer RenéStrauss, together with the jewelry master Martin Katz, was estimated at $ 12 million. Fabulously expensive women's outfit is literally strewn with natural diamonds and is still waiting for its owner in a store in Beverly Hills. The dress was demonstrated to the world back in 2006 at the show of the most luxurious things of Luxury Brands Lifestyle, but to this day remains in the list of expensive garments.

the most expensive things in the world photo

"Victoria Secret" bra

The most expensive things in the world (photo-examplespresented) - this is, as a rule, clothes, inlaid with noble stones. That is why their value is calculated as a whole state. The next place in our rating belongs to the bra of the well-known brand Victoria Sikret, called Fantasy. It costs as much as 12.5 million dollars! The cost of unique underwear is not wound up - the product is decorated with three thousand rubies, diamonds and other precious crystals.

Cosmonaut Costume

It is quite unexpected that the cosmonaut costume5 place in the category "the most expensive things in the world". And contrary to established standards, he can not boast of having at least one diamond or diamond. Then why is the costume worth so much? The stunning cost of a spacesuit is explained by special materials and technology of its manufacture. Cosmic clothing is simply obliged to provide the astronaut with oxygen, remove moisture, harmful impurities and be weightless at the same time. It's no wonder that a huge amount of money is expended on its creation.

Sandals by Stuart Weitzman

It is not surprising that the sandals from the famousJeweler Stuart Weitzman are among the most expensive things in the world. The photo clearly shows us their value - shoes with high transparent heels are decorated with a scattering of six hundred diamonds, one massive ruby, and platinum mounts. A masterpiece worth $ 2 million. Sandals broke the absolute record in its value in the entire history of the shoe industry. And wearing them is as nice as admiring. The product is made of high-quality Italian leather, is incredibly comfortable and soft.

the most expensive things in the world photo

Men's suit from Hughes and Dzheylsa

Designers Stuart Hughes and Richard Jewels hitHumanity created the most expensive men's suit "Stuart Hagness", the development of which was spent 600 hours. The exclusive item is estimated at 943 thousand dollars and contains 480 gems with a total weight of 240 carats. The suit, worthy of a royal personage, is made of cashmere, wool and silk.

Jeans for 250 thousand

In the ranking of "the most expensive things in the world" wereand jeans. In the entire history of their existence, they did not obey the designers only whims! First, the jeans were torn, then they began to dye in various colors, and now they have even reached their inlays with precious crystals. The one-of-a-kind model of Dussault Apparel’s Trashed Denim is decorated with 40 rubies, 8 diamonds and a kilogram of gold. You can buy a masterpiece in a Dussault boutique in New York or Los Angeles. The price of "noble" jeans - 250 thousand dollars.

the most expensive things in the world top 10

Shellis Clutch

Famous couturier Christopher Shellis presentedthe world has its own unique development - a gold clutch called “Le Palace”. A small, elegant dressing bag for evening exits in its design is made of the purest yellow and white gold, decorated with 345 diamonds and weighs as much as 500 grams. Handwork designer is 7 inches in length, and 5 in height - and costs $ 180 thousand.

T-shirt from "Ermes"

Closes the top ten things that set the priceRecords - T-shirt from the house of fashion "Ermes". Its cost is 90 thousand US dollars. The black T-shirt is made of genuine crocodile leather and is simply born to encircle the body of a billionaire who loves to attract attention. The thing is a little heavy and uncomfortable, but its beauty and luxury are more than ready to pay back all the shortcomings.

The most expensive things in the world. Top 10 items put under the hammer

Exclusive items sold by hammering onauction sites over the past 13 years - it is clothing associated with the names of prominent personalities of the planet: Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn. Their astronomical value is explained not only by the fact that they were once touched by famous actors, singers and athletes, but also by the fact that things were created by the best designers of those times. And this fact is comparable with the true work of art.

So, what are the most expensive things in the world that have been auctioned off in recent years?

  1. Dress Marilyn Monroe. The white dress, in which the famous actress starred in the film “The Seven Year Itch”, was sold in 2011 at an auction for $ 4.6 million. It was made by the famous fashion designer William Travilla.
    the most expensive things in the world 2013
  2. Baseball uniform. Uniform baseball player Babe Ruta sold at auction in California in 2012 for 4.4 million dollars. Baseball fans are 17 times the estimated value of the item, setting a price record.
  3. The robe of the Chinese ruler of the Qing Dynasty wassold at auction in Hong Kong for 1.9 million dollars. Such a high cost of the product is explained by its historical and cultural value. The robe was decorated with pearls and symbols of power: the moon, dragon, sun.
  4. Michael Jackson's red jacket in which hestarred in the video "Thriller" was estimated in 2011 at $ 1.8 million by one of his fans. The product was created by the famous designer Deborah Landis, who was nominated for the Oscar for sewing outfits for the film “A Trip to America”.
    the most expensive things in the world 2014
  5. Dress Audrey Hepburn. The black evening dress of the actress, known to the world in the film “Breakfast by Tiffany”, was sold at an auction held in 2006 in London for 932 thousand dollars. The brainchild of fashion master Hubert de Givenchy is still considered his most expensive work.
  6. Pants from the state Sogd. Sogd, located in the Middle Ages on the Silk Road, gave the world pants of the most delicate silk, which in 2012 in London were sold for 390 thousand dollars.
  7. Lady Di's dress. Black evening dress of Princess Diana, in which she danced with John Travolta, was put up for auction in 2013 and sold for 301 thousand dollars. Dress - the work of designer Victor Edelshteyn. In addition to this outfit at the auction were presented 9 other dresses of the princess.
  8. The famous bowler Charlie Chaplin, along with otherelements of his image was given into the hands of his fans for 135 thousand dollars. The auction was held by the Hollywood auction house Profiles In History in 2011.
  9. Jacket Elizabeth Taylor. The evening jacket of the actress, made especially for her by the Versace brand with portraits of her role, was sold at auction in New York in 1992 for 128 thousand dollars.
    The most expensive things in the world 2013 photo
  10. The last place in our top ten is notquite an ordinary thing - the swimming trunks of James Bond. At the auction, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of agent 007 on the screen (2012), the costumer, accessories and weapons were also sold by the actor Daniel Craig, who embodied the image of Bond in the movie “Casino Royale”. The record amount was 72 thousand dollars. Underwear created by the brand "La Perla" is considered the most expensive to date.

These were the most expensive things in the world (2013). Photos of clothes sold for crazy amounts tell us that there’s nothing special about them. However, for fans of prominent personalities, their things become a kind of cult, a source of inspiration, and we have no right to judge them for this.

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