Such an elegant female hat ...

A hat, such an iconic wardrobe item.women, for the history of existence, which dates back several centuries, was able to survive the ups and downs of their own popularity. At the same time, this accessory never went out of fashion - only the actual styles changed, the headdress remained indispensable in the woman’s wardrobe.

Women's Hat
Once the refined aristocrats of France decoratedone's own hairstyle with coquettish hats, or bulky headgear, resembling an abundance of jewelry, is more like a work of art than an article of clothing. But today's women, choosing a headdress, are primarily guided by considerations of practicality and relevance. Not so long ago, numerous fashion designers presented to the strict public a newly elegant, sophisticated and stylish hats.

Recent designer collections have shown thatNow the women's hat-collar is especially popular - a small headdress resembling a bell. Appearing in the 20s of the last century, the head-hatchet again became one of the most actual hats this season. The stylish interpretation of the traditional headdress included such fashion houses as Victor & Rolf, Peter Som, Pamella Roland, Peter Jensen.

summer hats

Women's hat in traditional cowboy stylegot into the collection of Derek Lam, an American designer who combined these hats with interesting ensembles with a skirt. In this case, Betsy Johnson, an American designer, known for unexpected and creative solutions in the field of fashion, has included wide-brimmed summer hats in her new collection. First of all, they attract attention with bright colors: juicy, cheerful yellow, thick and passionate red.

Wide brim beach hats hit and incollections of other famous designer houses - Vena Cava, Hussein Chalayan, Diesel, Salvatore Ferragamo. Thus, in the presentation of Carolina Herrera, a wide-brimmed women's hat became part of elegant and feminine ensembles of fine silk and velvet

beach hats
reminiscent of vintage style. Such hats, coquettishly shifted to the side, added a raisin to discreet outfits — strict coats, pencil skirts, and fitted strict jackets. Models with wide brim in the Diesel collection blend harmoniously with dark strict coats, narrow jeans and aged shorts.

True iconic headgear is considered to beOver the past years, Fyodor has been a women's hat, which was once an indispensable attribute of the gangsters of the Dry Law period, and also popular among modern hipsters. Today, among the "star" fans Fedora are representatives of both sexes: Johnny Depp, Nicole Richie, Ed Westwick, Hugh Jackman, Lindsay Lohan.

The next version of the famous Fedora - Trilby. This is a women's hat, which was once considered exclusively male, but at the present moment she was able to gain the attention of famous women of the tender sex. For example, Kate Moss, a British supermodel, regularly appears in Trilby on the streets of London, while successfully combining this headdress with classic casual ensembles: tops, jeans, casual shorts.

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