Men's trunks: what kind of pants are they?

Some may think that men's pantiesare represented by only one, well, at most two species. It is necessary to dispel this delusion, since the types of such linens today are no less than women's. And every guy can choose exactly the kind that will be the most convenient and comfortable for him. But how to choose men's panties? How not to be mistaken in this diversity of species?

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The word "cowards" is translated from French,as "rolled up" or "shortened". As everyone knows, in ancient times people did not wear underwear. The ancient Greeks did not put anything under the toga, because the climate allowed to be undressed as much as possible. Therefore, it is believed that the tradition of wearing shorts went from the Romans. However, they did not become pioneers of this type of underwear. Scientists have confirmed that men's panties originate from Roman shoes, called "calzone". Originally they were ordinary shoes, then they began to lengthen a little. As a result, out of the usual shoes came out something like a pants. Since at that time it was customary to wear trousers made from very expensive materials, they were used as underwear, so as not to spoil expensive fabric with excreta and sweat. Then the underpants underwent a number of changes, which resulted in the development of modern men's panties. To date, such underwear is in no way inferior to women's and the quality of materials, and the variety of styles. If before men especially did not have to choose their underwear, now it has become available, and every representative of the strong half of humanity has the opportunity to buy himself exactly the style that he likes.

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First, let's look at where they are currently producingmen's briefs. Russia, perhaps, is the first country in the world, where the number of producers has increased from one to several thousand. It should be noted and the fact that even Russian designers have contributed to the production of men's panties, giving them sexuality. Thus, not only the usual tight men's briefs, shorts, but also thongs of various styles and shapes became available.

So, what you can choose:

  1. "Family".This, perhaps, is the most actual fashion of young men's underwear. It gained popularity in the times of the USSR, when they became increasingly worn by athletes, because such panties were very comfortable and comfortable. And really this model is the most convenient, because it does not tighten and does not restrict movements. "Family" are very similar to shorts and sometimes even replace them if the man is at home.

  2. Boxers.A peculiar form of tight "family". Such panties are very convenient, they can be safely worn under tight jeans. However, they are more indebted to wrestlers than boxers, as everyone knows that the latter perform in the ring in loose trousers.

  3. Hips.The same boxers, only the waist is slightly reduced, and the length is removed. They are very aesthetic in appearance. They, like all other styles, have a variety of shades, so any man can choose a hip to taste.

  4. men's briefs russia
    Briefs.It is believed that they appeared in the XVIII century in England. Since the bath was drowned out by the church completely rejected, people had to look for some clothes for this. Initially these were suits from knee to neck, but they were not very comfortable for swimming, and they were cut to the size of usual pulling pants with a fairly narrow side. It was from then on that the briefs appeared - men's underwear, very similar to the melting style.

  5. Tanga. Extravagant look of cowards.If all of the above species are very popular among the male part of the population, then only one is selected. They are a loincloth, to which are sewn on both sides triangles of matter. It is believed that such tanga came up in Brazil - the birthplace of the famous carnivals.

  6. Thongs. Perhaps the most extravagant style.There is practically no tissue in them. In front there is a small triangle, barely covering the man's dignity, and behind - only a string or a very thin strip of matter.

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