How much does a gram of silver cost - material and spiritual value

An ordinary man in the street, comparing how much is a gramsilver and gram of gold, gives preference to more expensive metal. Gold, of course, is much more expensive: not everyone can afford products from it.

how much is a gram of silver
In fact, silver has always been considered valuablemetal, and not only in the material, but also in the spiritual plane. It was his quantity that indicated the state of wealthy nobles and kings. For some ancient peoples this metal was a symbol of the moon and was considered sacred. The purity and innocence of silver was noticed by the church, and soon this metal was considered god-pleasing. Sacred attributes from this material are used in all world religions to this day. Therefore, how much is a gram of silver for true believers absolutely does not matter.

Its healing properties are known since ancient times,and with the development of technology they have been proven by scientists. The ability of silver to disinfect water, and who insisted on silver water - to heal and rejuvenate the body, are known to everyone. Today silver ions are added to cosmetics and medications.

At present, the world's reserves of nativesilver is almost completely depleted: only in some countries there are industrial deposits. To date, much more often this metal is obtained as a by-product in the processing of some ores. These include the production of copper, lead, zinc or gold. At the same time, processing an average of about thirty kilograms of copper or lead-zinc ore, 1 gram of silver is obtained. Due to such a large content, the cost of this metal is quite low.

how much is 1 gram of silver
Silver in its pure form has very plastic andsoft mechanical characteristics, so for the manufacture of jewelry in it add other metals. The presence of additional impurities indicates how much a gram of silver costs. Products that have a customary 925 sample contain in their composition ninety-two and a half percent pure silver, and the remaining seven and a half percent copper. Today's world jewelry market is basically just such a test.

A variety of products will be of interestevery buyer, even if he prefers gold. Table objects, souvenir pens and lighters, children's spoons and rattles on the child's first tooth, crosses, rings, earrings, chains and bracelets - this is not the whole list of available assortments. The complexity, originality and quality of work decides how much a gram of silver is in that product.

1 gram of silver
There are also lower samples. From such silver in former times, most often made coins and dishes. Archaeologists find ancient coins of the 500th sample, only half containing silver, the rest of them - most often copper. Historical coins, tableware and ornaments, made in tsarist Russia, can have 750, 800, 830, 900, 916 samples. Silver items of mass production in the Soviet era have no more than twenty percent of impurities. How much is 1 gram of silver used in such products depends on the historical value of the object.

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