Trend of the season - lace dress

Lace Evening Dress
Dress - this is the same garment thatclearly distinguishes a girl, gives her femininity. Virtually every girl's wardrobe has more than one dress of different colors, styles and fabrics. Pros for this outfit in comparison with other things a large number. Correctly selected dress can create any image: aggressive and sexy, gentle and feminine.

Lacy Black Dress
But the lace dress is a piece of clothingnot ordinary. It can become the most favorite thing in your wardrobe, if you can choose the right style and color. Lacy black dress has long become a classic in clothes. Especially popular were the collections of Dolce & Gabbana. This dress does not need additional decorations, it is in itself bright, chic and sexy.

But the lace dress of bright colors is necessarychoose with caution. And although in this season the bright colors in the lace appeared on the world podium, there is a risk of getting an outfit defiant and even vulgar. It is very advantageous with lace colors of gentle shades of beige, cream, color of champagne, mint or lavender. Choosing these colors, you get a gentle, mysterious and very feminine outfit.

Another principle of lace dress issimplicity of style. Do not abuse the depth of the neckline or too short a length. Your dress should be a mystery, and not like a nightdress. It should only hint, and not tell what hides.

Using lace as the main materialearlier it was considered possible only when creating a wedding dress or as a lace evening dress. In everyday life, this outfit is too much obliged. But modern fashion masters in recent years are trying to break all existing stereotypes. Therefore, it is not the first season that lace can live in everyday life, pleasing you with its refinement and tenderness. The use of lace for every day is acceptable in a skirt or blouse, as well as in accessories and shoes. But, of course, there is no more suitable fabric for creating a festive or evening image. A bright red lace dress (as from Valentino) fits a brave girl who knows her own worth and is not afraid of everyone's attention.

Lace dress
A white-white lace canvas as impossibleis better suited for a classic wedding dress, emphasizing the brittleness, tenderness and integrity of the bride. Do not forget also about the enchanting effect of lace outfits on men. Any woman wants to be sexy and inviting for her chosen one. Such an outfit, like a lace dress, makes a man fantasize, dream of unraveling your riddle. Since lace is used to create underwear, the man associates these patterns with sexuality.

In this season, the spring-summer 2013 laceis an undeniable trend. You can use it both in detail and yourself. Lace is used today in accessories, in the design of the hairstyle, as part of the costume and as a separate wardrobe item. The lace dress can be seen on foreign and Russian catwalks. If you are claiming the role of a modern fashionista, which always looks actual, then in your wardrobe will necessarily be a few things from the lace.

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