With what to wear tight jeans for men? Very tight jeans for men in black color (photo)

Jeans have long moved into the category of stylishuniversal types of clothing that are equally popular among the female half of the population and the male, regardless of a person’s age, social status or nationality. First of all, such a respectful attitude towards denim was due to the strength of the material, the conciseness of the finished product. Narrow jeans trousers are easily combined with different styles and can complement any image with unique spectacularity.

Skinny jeans - the relevance of the model in the men's world

The first narrowed models of men's casual pantsappeared in the 20s of the last century. Manufacturers of jeans noted the popularity of the style among the population, after which they began by all efforts to improve this detail of the wardrobe. The first narrow jeans for men were somewhat different from the modern prototype: the narrowed part was more spacious, and the cut did not seem so brutal. The current trends are forcing many menswear designers to attract more unisex style motifs into their collections: the pants fit optimally to the surface of the leg, the exterior trim is as neutral as possible, and the color range is simplified.

tight jeans for men photos

Mission: to pick skinny jeans. Model features

The main rule of skinny pants is fullno extra centimeters at the waist of a man. Such discrimination is due to simple aesthetic concepts - such models only emphasize the presence of a protruding abdomen and the bulkiness of the body.

To choose a comfortable model of trousers you need to remember a few rules:

  1. Holders of narrow straight legs should choose skinny models with looser legs - the overall picture will be in balance (the body will not stand out clearly).
  2. For large sports legs, such pants are not at all welcome - tight muscles will overwhelm the attention of others.
  3. Skinny jeans can be a bit shorter thansuggest the classic rules of length, but they should not rise above the bone, because male versions are designed to emphasize the character and stateliness of the owner.
  4. Skinny jeans (for men) for everyday work should be chosen neutral dark colors: suitable noble gray, brown, black.
  5. Medium fit is a cost effective solution for most models.
  6. Casual image can be built on a lighter or color options. For example, models of juicy red, wine or emerald color are perfect for young, wiry guys.

It should also select the most practical models that will not have a huge number of decorative elements or inserts. After all, overly tight clothing can cause discomfort.

tight men's jeans with what to wear

Variety of tight jeans: materials and colors

For sewing denim pants, as well as other detailswardrobe, use cotton fabric of the highest strength. Her weaving is strictly at an angle (diagonal). The last few decades, 100% cotton products are not very popular due to the occurrence of shrinkage of the material after washing. Most manufacturers have changed the composition to a more successful union - cotton and elastane. Due to the properties of the last component, things can profitably “sit down” on the figure without losing a presentable appearance.

In the wardrobe of every self-respecting manthere must be a so-called classic trinity. According to the designers, these are dark blue, blue and black jeans. The narrowed model also accepts the unwritten law of the fashion world, but dilutes the grayness of everyday life with more juicy and democratic shades. New seasons offer to complement the wardrobe with light lemon flowers, dull beige, light brown and green colors. It will also be advantageous to look young in skinny jeans in pale blue color, which can be supplemented with a light T-shirt: white or turquoise.

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How to wear tight jeans for men

Men's skinny jeans are skinny ones.most accurately repeat the shape of the legs and hips. Wearing such a model is worth it with comfortable high-top sneakers, original moccasins or colorful espadrilles, which advantageously emphasize the line of the legs. Many fans of the brutal urban style combine these models with high boots with strong soles. At the same time, tight lacing and a charismatic leather jacket create an aura of attractive mystery and gloss around the man.

As a more concise top to the skinelongated cardigans of rich colors: rich blue, wine or cognac shade are suitable. For the color versions of the trousers, it is worthwhile to select more neutral white or gray things: long jackets, an inconspicuous ornament, pullovers, stylish vests.

What can I wear men's jeans in blackor blue? They look great fit shirts in the overall color. For example, you can safely choose light gray, blue, white to blue jeans, and almost all shades will suit black pants at the same time. Also advantageous is the tandem of medium length cloak and narrow jeans, and a bold image can be supplemented with an original belt, an extraordinary color scarf or a cap. From shoes you can choose thin high-quality boots without decorative elements, the length of which is higher than the ankle.

Black jeans for men

Unsuccessful unions, or that does not fit narrow jeans

So, you bought tight men's jeans. What to wear them, we figured out. Now let's talk about what they do not fit well. Many teenagers wear standard street jackets along with skinny jeans. As a result, the visual picture turns out to be skewed: a bulky body hangs over thin legs, thereby "removing" more volume from them. Especially dissonance is manifested in the winter, when the outerwear has large dimensions and thickness. Such experiments are relevant only in the case of the natural thinness of a guy, when the whole ensemble is of the same thickness.

The bad option is a duet of skinny jeans andshoes, imitating cowboy motives. Small details, which she embroidered, visually expand it. It turns out very bad when the shoes are made with pleats. In this case, the overall picture is more like a clerical glass with pencils. In the male version, this image looks terrifying. Inorganic is a tandem of a long cloak and narrow jeans, especially in the case of a large figure. The powerful shoulders and belly in the arms of the cloth are more like an obese woman than a stylish and neat man. The best option would be a combination of not too narrow jeans and a cropped slim jacket.

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Where to wear skinny jeans

At all times, were considered a bold manifestationStyle skinny jeans. Male models nowadays at the same time speak of an extraordinary individuality. Office dress code in most cases prohibits such liberties in the workplace. Therefore, tight jeans for men, the photos of which you see in the article, are best left for exploring the city, collective festivities at the club or dating. You can complement the selected image with bold detail: a colored tie, a bright hat or original shoes.

Summer options can be simplified to simple.combinations. For example, skinny light jeans look good with a high-quality stylish T-shirt, a cowboy hat and comfortable cloth slippers without decor. For evening walks, you can stock up on a matching shirt or jacket. The favorites of the summer season - sandals or flip flops - are an inappropriate cut for tight jeans, as a too open foot gives a general appearance a rage of untidiness and staleness.

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