Men's park jacket is a must-have wardrobe item!

Men's park jacket is used nowadaysgreat success among the stronger sex. And it's not surprising, because such clothes are not only stylish, but also practical. The park is called a waterproof warm jacket with fur on the hood, which protects the head from the cold. Despite the fact that in most models the hood is removed, it is the highlight of the apparel. Such jackets use synthetic fiber or fluff as a heater. The length of the park is up to the middle of the thigh. Initially, these jackets were worn over the head, but today they are fastened to the usual lightning.

men's parka jacket
There are several stories of the origin of the park.According to one of them, the men's park jacket came to us from the Eskimos. It is also said that it was more popular among women who hid babies in a large pocket inside the jacket to protect them from harsh weather conditions. Another story is about the incredible popularity of parks in America during the war with Korea. Such clothes corresponded to all requirements of the military: it was simple and warm, protected from wind, frost and rain. In addition, the parks did a lot of pockets, which could be unfastened and, if necessary, buckled back. Since then, a lot of time has passed, and today the men's park jacket is considered a stylish piece of clothing. It is presented in many collections of fashion designers, so in stores you can find a huge number of models for every taste.

parka men's jacket
So, why does a man's park jacket deserveof being bought? The answer is obvious. The park boasts its versatility. It suits absolutely everything. The modern men's park jacket is quite long, which means it protects the loin from the cold. The cut of such a jacket in most cases is straight. Female models, however, often have a screed in the waist. Among other distinguishing features are large square or rectangular pockets, a hood, a high collar that allows you to cover your face in case of a strong wind. As for the material used to sew the jacket, it can be very dense. The fabric must be moisture resistant and retain heat.
Men's winter park jacket

Note that the jacket-park for men's winterIt is less successful than the lighter options for autumn or spring. Designers of clothes take into account this fact and offer variants of jacket-transformers, which turn from winter ones into demi-season ones. By the way, this is one of the main features of the park! If you want, you can undo all the extra for a couple of minutes. There are even summer options for parks, which seem more like a windbreaker.

Why wear such a jacket?There are many options. The men's jacket is perfectly combined with jeans, sneakers, winter boots or boots. Depending on the color and cut, it can also fit into classic clothes. Whatever style a man likes to wear, the park, thanks to its versatility and practicality, will warm it in the winter, and at the same time it will look stylish and fashionable!

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