Acid color - trendy trend this season

Acid colors in clothes
Who would have thought that the acid color thatwas at the peak of popularity back in the nineties, will again be able to conquer the hearts of a huge number of fashionable and fashionable women of our planet. When choosing fashionable outfits that combine acidic shades, you should be extremely careful if you do not have the desire to look, just like a clown. A separate topic is the selection of accessories for images from the acid fashion direction. So, if you decide to wear a dress or a blouse of this color, then everything else should be simple and unprepossessing. Provided that you are going to combine several colors at once, it is better to leave the idea of ​​adding an accessory to an image.

In the fashion dresses of acid color

If your personality is important to you,and, wanting to be in a trend, you are ready to dress in acid color, then your dresses are presented to you. In order to choose the most appropriate option,

Acid color
adhere to certain rules.The best length for such a dress can be called a length slightly above the knee. Dresses of acid colors mean that the purse will be small enough - in any case do not use large bags. When you create a general image, you will look best if from the entire wardrobe you have only one piece of clothing made in neon color. Of course, you can understand immediately that, despite the fashionable flow, the acid color does not fit for clothes that are designed for work. For the dress, the best color option can be acid-green, acid-pink, acid-orange, lemon.

Acid shades in the image

Acid colors in clothing today are used in unlimited quantities and in different shades. So, for example, acid green. This color is very popular not only in clothes. Footwear

Dresses of acid colors
The same shade will indicate the sense of style of herthe owner. The most optimal combination with the specified shade will be the use of the simplest strips or prints. All this should not be catchy, so as not to spoil the image. Acid color in such a performance as acid-pink - one of the shades, which clearly adjusts to the fret of light coquetry. This impression is created precisely because this color gives an association with ease, and at the same time with romance. If in the first case, dilution with strips was an ideal option, in this case this moment will only spoil everything. This color is the best way for girls to be tall and thin. You can try to combine this color with peas. I would like to add that pants of pink color, as well as dresses, can not be called universal clothing for every fashionista. But the orange tint is at the peak of its popularity this season. The main association with this color is dynamism, constant progress. You can choose a combination of this shade with more gentle and calm tones, and you can also combine with yellow or red.

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