Dresses for women: review of models

The words "woman" and "elegant dress" are synonymous. Celebration is another reason to feel like a queen. And no matter what the event is and how old you are. The search for elegant dresses for large women, as well as for miniature ones - this is a great reason to look into the store. Shopping these days has become akin to an antidepressant. A dress is a second skin, so comfortable that by choosing one thing, you immediately get both the top and the bottom. Successful model does not even want to shoot.

What do we expect from the dress?

Of course, the choice of attire for a special casespend much more time than to create a daily image. I want the thing to be special, able to really decorate, hide the figure's drawbacks, bring dignity to the forefront.

Elegant dresses for women

Style selection

There is one style that will suit everybody.This is a little black A-line dress. If you skillfully beat and complement it in the right place, then it can work wonders with any proportions. The correct dresses for women, elegant and casual, can be divided into groups according to the types of figures:

  • Type "rectangle" - dresses with a belt at the waist, fitted options.
  • Type "apple" - fit a rectangular, free cut, which will not place unwanted accents.
  • The type of "hourglass" or "guitar" - all styles are allowed, except for the deliberately baggy, which could add unwanted kilograms to the pronounced waist.
  • Type "pear". Big hips - a sign of femininity. Preference should be given to combined products, where the skirt will be made of dense material, which will allow to “collect” the bottom. Elegant dresses for obese women are often sewn from bandage fabric. The upper part of the dress can have a lush drape, sleeves-lanterns, which compensates for the lack of centimeters in the chest.
  • Type “inverted triangle” - narrow hips and massive shoulders can be easily visually exchanged using trapezoidal models, fluffy, pleated and draped skirts.

Worthy choice

No matter what source data you have,how old are you, what a figure, you still attend evening activities. Choose a decent product will be easy if you have a clear idea of ​​what can make you attractive.

  • For a girl miniature, with a sharp figure, the find will be a fitting fit of a mini-dress.
  • A dress with open neckline or back can be worn for evening wear.
  • At a cocktail event and a buffet table, a knee-length satin dress with an emphasized silhouette is appropriate.
  • If the figure is close to flawless, then it can be safely dressed in a narrow outfit of lace.
  • A small tummy well hides a dress made of stretched fabric, while it should be fitted, but not completely encircle the entire figure, only emphasize the chest.
  • Sheath dress is a model of elegance, it is appropriate for any event that can simulate a silhouette.
  • And of course, the black dress, it grinds the figure like a sculptor, giving the image of chic, high cost and mystery. In tandem with pearl thread on the neck works unmatched.
  • Dresses from fitted jersey even forslenderyashek pose some danger. The fact is that after a rich banquet meal, the tummy is rounded even by those who do not have it at all, and the soft fabric will treacherously emphasize these roundness.
Elegant dresses for women

Beauty at any age

Some of the fair sexsure that the true attraction came to them after the fifth dozen. If you pick the right color, get to the point with a cut, then an elegant dress for a 50-year-old woman will perfectly refresh her and throw off for several years. The length of the floor and just below the knees - optimal.

Adult ladies should pay attention toelegant cut and classic models. To create an expensive image, it is worth to abandon the simplifying gloss of rhinestones and sequins, ruffles and air flounces. Gentle romance is better to leave in the past. Elegant dresses for middle-aged women can be decorated with original drapery. In the area of ​​the neckline should not be extreme cutouts. On the hem of the cut - also in the framework of decency. Jewelry should be preferred gold, precious stones and, of course, diamonds.

Elegant dress for a woman of 40 years or more shouldwell in harmony with the complexion, give it freshness and youth. Perhaps your color will not find the first attempt. You can, standing in front of a mirror, bring the fabric of various shades to your face and listen to your feelings. Simple manipulation will help give preference to the right color.

elegant dresses for women

Elegant dresses for women for anniversary

Anniversary - a great reason to prettify, especiallyif the hero of the occasion is you. Dress in this case, you can choose the most luxurious, so that there is no doubt that the anniversary is from you. There is no universal recipe for the selection of clothes, it all depends on the format of the event and on the conditions in which it passes. If the banquet table is set at the dacha, then it is not necessary to speak about dresses with a train. It is also desirable to abandon rhinestones, sequins and placer Swarovski stones. The choice will fall on a discreet and comfortable outfit. But when going to a restaurant, you definitely should not hold back the flight of your imagination and the strength of the desire to be a queen. But do not forget that your companion should also keep the brand and not dissonate with her chosen one.

Fit elegant dresses for obese women onanniversaries and memorable dates stand out flared skirt, which allows to hide the excess volume in the hips. If the upper part of the hands is plump, you should abandon the strapless styles and sleeves. Perfectly slims sleeves in three quarters, as it ends at the waistline, thereby visually making it thinner.

Elegant dresses for women

Ah, this wedding!

Not only the bride wants to shine in hercelebration Moms, girlfriends, classmates - everyone wants to look like an appropriate event. And what to choose owners of magnificent forms? Elegant dresses for obese women for the wedding will help to look luxurious and appetizing. Most often, it is an extended downward silhouette with an accent in the form of a wide belt and covered shoulders. The V-neckline visually lengthens the neck, the high waist will leave the accent on the bust, and the hem of the chest will hide the tummy in folds. 3/4 sleeve will help in creating a slim image. Models with a smell and slightly flared skirt conceal the fullness of the hips and emphasize feminine forms. Elegant decor emphasize the solemnity of the occasion. Elegant dresses for obese women are designed to give comfort, not to hold down the movement, not to drag the figure into the folds. In this dress lady will feel luxurious and sensual.

There should be a lot of beauty

Clothes can easily emphasize femininity andattractiveness In the modern abundance of models it is easy to choose the option that is suitable for the occasion. It is important to remember that elegant dresses for obese women for an anniversary, for a wedding, in a theater, for an exhibition can be of one style. By purchasing a dress for a specific occasion, you can safely wear it to other events. It is important to emphasize the appetizing parts that you need to be proud of and hide the extra.

Elegant dresses for women

Corrective underwear

To make a vivid impression and gethonorary title of a gorgeous woman, you can use the correction. To balance the proportions, you should wear a waisted high-waisted underwear and choose a bra with a push-up effect. Minus a few centimeters in the abdomen and thighs, plus 1.5 of the size in the chest have not hurt anyone. If the goal is to look at the celebration winning, it will be achieved.

In the case when it is necessary to urgently correct the figure, but there is no time, choose one of the types of special underwear:

  • Under the short dress put on panties with a high waist, they will give a beautiful shape buttocks and pull the tummy.
  • Under the dress, knee-length and lower, they put on panties-shorts, they will give perfect outlines to the hips, hide extra prominent parts.
  • A slimming T-shirt is worn under closed models. The stomach, shoulders, arms will look thinner, while the volume in the chest will not become less.
  • Body well removes problems with the tummy, forms the waist and hips.
  • Do not forget about the familiar corset. This element of the wardrobe skillfully plays on the contrast of the seductive lush chest and thin waist.

With slimming underwear, choosing elegant dresses for large women is not a problem. Do not neglect this wonderful invention of the beauty industry.

Elegant dresses for women

Little tricks

Demonstrate the bulging parts of its lowerlinen - bad form. Under the fitting outfit you should buy a seamless set, it will be a guarantee that the complexes about the twisted webbing, bulging rubber bands and seams will not be necessary.

Elegant dresses for women may have differentdegree of admissible frankness. Underwear from everyday wardrobe may not be suitable for publication. Fortunately, finding a bra under a dress on the thinnest straps, with an open back or deep cleavage is not a problem. There are a variety of tricks, because not every woman can pace without a bra. If the volume of the breast allows, you can attach a silicone glued bodice. His cups are located only in front, with no straps at all, no one would even guess that he is on you.

Elegant dresses for women

Without underwear

Elegant dresses for women with perfect,proportional figure - this dress is tight. Long with an open back, with an exciting neckline, mini, exposing the lovely legs - always attracts the eyes of admiring men. Fashion has gone so far that not all dresses now imply the wearing of underwear! Dare to see the light in such an outfit often allow themselves stars, without a twinge of conscience walking around the red carpet like this and performing on stage. However, the young ladies also do not want to “sparkle” with the translucent details of the linen and don’t wear it under the most extremely fitting things.

With everyday looks, everything is simple, in them ladiesoften resemble one another. At the same time, elegant dresses and suits for women are a separate branch in the fashion industry. On a special occasion, everyone wants to stand out and show their dignity. In the skillful cut, any woman looks stunning, with a twist.

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