Pants with flowers with what to wear? Choose, buy, play with images

Flower design - one of the most beloved in women. In dresses and blouses, he has been present since ancient times, now he has switched to trousers and jeans. Floral print trousers are one of the main trends in modern fashion. But how to properly use them to look appropriate in any situation?

pants with flowers what to wear
In the store, a woman thinks about the trousers with flowers, with which to wear them.

First of all, I must say that two trends are clearly manifested: floral and ethnic. In ethnics there are motives of the Navajo and Aztec Indians.

Trousers with floral motifs

Lightly faded denim shirt plus pants withcolors, and an image that is welcomed by all fashion designers. And there will be no question about what are the pants with flowers, with what to wear them, it is not clear. Light chiffon or from other light blouse fabrics are good with them. Fans of T-shirts and tops will also look stylish and modern.

what to wear flowered pants review
And with a shortened T-shirt, and with a T-shirt of the usual length, they look equally impressive.
trousers with floral print with what to combine
Shoes chosen different, but for her color is important. When the whole ensemble is sustained in black and white, then the shoes are not knocked out of it by other colors. The photo shows pants with flowers. What to wear them with is also understandable.

Those who prefer neon colors will rejoice,but it must be the upper part of the clothing should be delicate pastel shades. Or you can wear a bright pink top, combining it with discreet flowered trousers. If, on the contrary, the pants are the brightest, then their rich color is softened by unsharp soft colors of the upper part. Sandals or ballet flats are often chosen as shoes. Here is an example of urban style.

jeans and pants with a floral print with what to wear
Dark jacket, neon clutch on a long chain,flats and trousers with a dim floral print are the same in color. If you want to lengthen the leg, the shoes are selected on a high stable heel. The photo shows pants with flowers. With what to wear them, too, can be seen.

What could be a floral print

It may be small flowers (theirit is preferable to use a lady with large forms), large roses, peonies or leaves. Drawing aquarelle blurs or has clear contours. Floral trousers must necessarily have a length of. If the purchased pants are long, then they must be made shorter. Their color can also be either dark or light. Now I understand how and what to wear pants in a flower. The review gave some insight. Next is the case for its application.


For summer, of course, light beige or white colors are preferable.

how and what to wear colored trousers stylish combinations
So there is a gentle face of a girl who hastrousers with floral print. What is the right way to combine: with a monochrome top, which will never lead to mistakes and will not cause undue attention of others. The second option in beige shades is also good for a girl who is still not used to the floral print.
Gentle image
Knitted blouse and light trousers with blackit is better to add black sandals to the picture, so a modest, discreet but memorable image is created. For a girl with more curvaceous forms, just such a bow will do.
For full
A loose silk blouse lays down in soft folds and hides figure flaws, and trousers with a trendy watercolor print bring a modern touch to the created image.

Some accessories

Do not forget about accessories. It may be necessary watches, bracelets, necklaces and beads, but without botanical motifs.

And be sure to bag. Trouser belt also do not forget. Matched to the tone with floral motifs, he could not be better, emphasizing the waist, complete the image. But do not think that with light trousers you can wear only light. Here's how the same pants look with a different color tops.
In this case, the bag can not be changed. In order not to have trousers that give the impression of pajamas, you can buy satin ones with a high waistline.
Heavy footwear gives great courage to a modest outfit. A white color can be not only a blouse, but also a top or a vest.

The courage and unusual clothes

Dark, black, brown, gray trousers are veryvisible, and you must carefully choose the top and accessories. The photo will present options for how and what to wear colored pants. The stylish combinations are fresh and vibrant.

This image is clearly very complex and bold. The pants themselves - the detail of the toilet overloaded. A lemon yellow monochromatic blouse and a black jacket boldly counterbalance the diversity of the bottom. But then comes the leopard-print shoes that blend in with the bulk bag. The overalls are also unusual and interesting. However, instead of a jumpsuit, a top or blouse made of fabric with the same pattern as the pants could be used.
The pale pink pattern of the trousers is complemented by a bag of a more saturated color. Black jacket and stiletto shoes complete the set. A very rare demi-season look is very interesting.
A long double-breasted coat and comfortable, massive shoes show a slender girl, whose trousers are printed but not out of the general color gamut. But here is another unusual combination.
Metallic Printed
Metallic jeans with a pattern and a bright blouse with a floral print. The view is very festive, which can be used by going to an event, but not to work.

Printed jeans

The rules are generally the same as for pants. So those who wear flowered trousers will not find it especially difficult to wear jeans and trousers with a floral print. What to wear them, the question will not arise. Floral-print jeans and trousers are mostly lightly cropped, opening the ankle. The upper part, as a rule, is monochrome, so that the girl does not turn into a flower bed. Always welcome white color.

Correct combinations
The color of the shoe matches the shade of jeans. But such a look is good in the city, and on a country or sea walk.
Summer view
Skinny jeans show that the figure was watched throughout the winter. Contrasting look tropical models.
Black elegant shoes and black top will beThe perfect frame for these colorful jeans. And if the main background itself is black, then a white shirt blouse would be a great frame with black shoes.
Black skinny
Both in the city and on the beach it is appropriate to look so white jeans with blue flowers.
Bright skinny
Light shoes create a light summer mood.

So, if you play, and fashion to a certain degree is a game for adults, you can create a variety of bows that will look good in all situations and places.

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