Where to Buy a Leather Jacket In Kiev?

This question is asked, probably, by many people,because it's about a good, and most importantly high-quality jacket. So all the same, where to buy a real leather jacket in Kiev. The answer is not intricate, you can buy it in a store, at a sale, in the market or order yourself sewing this jacket.

When is it better to start buying a leather jacket

Do it better after youall you think about, and ponder much is worth it: it's better to buy a jacket or order a tailoring of a jacket, to imagine your next jacket and count how much money you have to buy or sew a jacket.

So, sewing or buying? First, let's look at both ways.

  • Buying in a store or on the market - when buyingjackets in the store or in the market you can choose from the presented to you a lineup, but you can not exactly know where this jacket is made and who made it. It happens that the size of your favorite jacket is not corny or you do not have enough money to buy it. Yes, plus all this you have to spend your time and go shopping or the market, which often have not a small area. That is, this method has its own "pitfalls" and it is not very good, although basically everyone does it.
  • Sewing jackets - this method has a lot ofadvantages. You can order an individual jacket, which will look something special, order a tailoring, just for your figure. And the main thing you do not need to go anywhere or ride, while spending your precious time, you can order yourself sewing a leather jacket, for example, in this online store
  • Buying a jacket on sale - buying a jacket onsale, you risk buying a marriage or a substandard, but very good fake. Most often on sales sell defective or "Chinese" things, but sometimes there really come across good products. But still not worth the risk, although this is your choice.

How much should a quality leather jacket cost

A quality leather jacket should cost at least 2000 UAH, because its material is leather, and the skin is known for rather expensive material, but we will not forget about sewing jackets, it's also worth the money.

How to choose a quality leather jacket

To begin with, you need to know from someone who sellsa jacket from whose skin it was made. The most durable and durable materials are calf or buffalo skin. It is also important to know who produced this skin. The best leather manufacturers have always been Italy, England and Sweden. To protect yourself from forgery, always look at the uniformity of the distribution of the skin in places of the collar, pockets and locks. During the fitting of the jacket, you need to make sure that it sits on you well and does not slip back and does not fit. If the jacket slides back and hangs on you, it means either that it's not your size, or the jacket is very poor quality. Well, if it covers you, although it's your size, then it will be inconvenient for you and it will probably burst in some place at the first your awkward movement or turn.

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