Gusset - what is it? How to sew a crotch in a sleeve

In the manufacture of certain clothes in it deliberatelysew small pieces of fabric that have a diamond-shaped, triangular or rectangular shape. Each such insert is called "gusset". What it is? Why do we need a crotch, and how to sew it into a product? This is detailed in our article.

Gusset - what is it?

Gusset is often compared with a patch.But these are completely different concepts. The patch is a piece of cloth that is sewn to the clothes to hide the hole formed on it. It is the purpose of her and the gusset differs. What it is?

gusset what it is
Gusset is a piece of fabric that is sewedIn places with the risk of increased tension of the material to ensure freedom of movement. If you do not insert a crotch when making it, then it is likely that you will soon have to sew a patch to this place.

Gusset is stitched into the places wheremovement puts a heavy load. For example, this is the seam of the side seam and the sleeve (armhole) or the step joint in the trousers. So that when walking the seam is not torn, a small piece of cloth is inserted into it. Also gusset is used in pantyhose, baby sliders, men's briefs, etc. That is, in those places where the seam when walking can tear. A piece of fabric should be a small size triangular, rectangular or diamond-shaped.

In modern fashion, the gusset performs not only a practical, but also a decorative function.

Gusset in pantyhose

Gusset is widely used in the manufactureunderwear and pantyhose. The presence of this small piece of cloth indicates not only the practicality, but also the high quality of the product. Gusset in pantyhose is stitched into the crotch to ensure the strength of the product, greater width, freedom of movement. In synthetic pantyhose, cotton gusset makes it possible to improve the hygiene of the product, since it prevents odor.

gusset pattern
Gusset in pantyhose also performsantibacterial function and allows to maintain female health. A similar function is performed by a piece of cloth inserted into the female underwear made of synthetic materials.

Diamond-shaped gusset: Pattern

It is for the crotch that construction is not requiredof a separate pattern. The place where you need to put a piece of cloth of a certain shape, just marked in the drawing. What in this case is a crotch? What it is? This is part of the pattern, and it is indicated in a certain way on paper. This length of fabric is cut off separately from the main parts of the product, while it is necessary to take into account allowances for seams on each side.

Gusset for a sleeve can consist of one or two parts. How do they differ among themselves?

Gusset, consisting of one piece, is a patchwork of a diamond-shaped fabric. This piece of matter is inserted into the incision, specially left after the lateral and axillary sutures are grinded.

sleeve with gusset
Gusset, consisting of two parts,represents two flaps of fabric, one of which is sewn to the front, and the other to the back of the product. Lateral and axillary sutures in this case are worn out after the gusset is sewn. Such a flap of fabric to insert into the product will be much easier.

A sleeve with a gusset made up of one or two parts looks almost invisible, but it is much more convenient to wear such clothes. How to sew a piece of cloth in a sleeve, consider below.

How to sew a crotch in a sleeve

The insertion of the crotch into the sleeve of the article is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. Stretch the lateral and axillary sutures, leaving a small incision open under the crotch.
  2. Place the gusset on the left incision from the wrong side. Combine the ends of the cut with its corners, connect all the seams on the allowance.
  3. Stitch seams need alternately from one corner to the next, each time unfurling the product to itself.
  4. Only after all the stitches have been stitched,you can remove the design. Check that all seams on the front side are flat, after which they can be removed. Iron the gusset from the front side of the product, then sweep the seams from the wrong side.

panties with crotch
In a similar way, you can insert a piece of fabric into the panties with a crotch, attaching it to the two halves of the fabric along the seam line.

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