Skirts 2011 - for every taste and for any woman.

At present, thanks to the emancipation of womenthere appeared a much larger number of variants of ensembles of clothes that they can compose independently or with the help of fashion designers' advice. An important acquisition of women's wardrobe are pants, which lovely ladies won from men. But not all representatives of the stronger sex agree that in pants women look no worse than in a skirt. At all times, the skirt remains a symbol of beauty, grace, femininity and attractiveness. This wonderful invention of mankind continues with great pleasure to carry a huge number of women in all countries of the world. After all, if you manage to choose the right style, cut, color and model, you can completely change: emphasize all your dignity, as well as correctly hide some of the shortcomings. If you have at least a little taste and imagination, then with the help of even a single skirt it is possible to create new original ensembles of clothes on a daily basis.

Now designers are fighting hard toto defend the skirts in the women's wardrobe and not to completely replace them with trousers. Therefore, in this season, a huge variety of options is presented to fashion women's court: skirt pleating, maxi, mini, pencil, skirt with drapery and others.

Of course, 2011 skirts are maxi.They traveled from the 70s of the 20th century in real time. Everyone has already managed to piss out the dominance of mini on different world catwalks. Now the designers are experimenting not only with the material, but also with the length. Peas, length to the ankles, ethnic motifs, vertical stripes - these are the main trends that characterize the fashionable skirts 2011. And long skirts with a smell - the trend of the season. In many world collections, a lot of skin has appeared. Therefore, leather skirts are also present in the fashion of this season.

Skirts 2011 - this is also a pencil skirt.The length of such a thing is slightly below the knee, straight, narrowed downwards. It is best to avoid a lot of details. Ideal option - an ordinary belt. The pencil skirt can be leather, silk, tweed, velvet and so on. It all depends on your preferences - long or short, with a low and high waistline. Such skirts are great for work in the office, as well as for an evening out. There are also many models with drapes, lace, contrast inserts and so on. And if you are also the owner of a figure of the type, which is called the "hourglass," then you just need to have a pencil skirt this season.

Skirts 2011 is the year.In this case, the amount of materials used is simply amazing: from fine wool to lightest chiffon. The fashion also includes skirts with various ruffles, flounces, lace and so on. Shuttlecocks can be both vertical and horizontal.

Skirts 2011 are sometimes unexpected and original.For example, this season it becomes fashionable to wear skirts that look like a pack of ballerinas. They are perfect for women with a thin waist and wide hips. And those ladies who have big breasts and wide waist are forced to abandon such a model. Of course, the mini is always in fashion. At all times since the moment they entered the women's wardrobe, they continue to enrapt men and cause envy in less-figured women. Mini is usually worn on the boldest. And those ladies who are very modest can choose for themselves skirts knee or maxi.

But the real squeak of the season is a skirt, which has many layers and podsubnikov. Putting on such a thing, you will not remain unnoticed in the crowd. It really looks stylish and beautiful.

Skirts 2011 - a variety of options, suitable for any request, any woman, any age. The main thing is to competently and tastefully approach the process of selecting such an important part of the wardrobe as a skirt.

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