Three ways of how to fold socks

Ways of how to fold socks neatly and beautifully, there are several. In today's article, we will tell the readers about each of them. This problem at first glance seems ridiculous and frivolous.

how to fold socks

But to whom for once in his life was not uncomfortable for socksdifferent colors, put on work or study? And how many nerves do we lose, unsuccessfully rummaging in dozens of socks, mixed into one big pile, trying to pick up a kit?

A terrible dream of a perfectionist

Scattered all over the apartment, crumpled,lost, without hope of being found, sometimes leaky, sometimes shabby, poor-poor socks! Very often they become the cause of a spoiled day and even a real precondition for divorce. And all because not all wives know how to fold socks and pick up couples correctly. This, of course, is a joke, but, as they say, every joke has some truth. In any case, this is a useful skill that will not hurt to learn both men and women and children. So, now for all comers, we will present a choice of three options for how to fold socks correctly.


This is the simplest method of all existing and,perhaps, the most common. The essence of it is to place one sock in the other in the unfolded form. Probably, it will not be superfluous to remind readers that all products must first be separated by size, colors, pattern - so it will be easier to find couples. When this work is done, you can proceed directly to the very process of coagulation.

how to fold socks

Special technology in how to fold socks,No, but there is one trick. You can quickly combine the stockings by putting one of them on a brush like a glove (the front side), the second one needs to be turned inside out and, having grasped the fingers placed in the first sock, behind the sewn edge of the other, straighten it over the arm with the second layer. Keep clothes for the legs in this form is very simple, besides, when they are folded that way, you can see the entire product, with the emblem and rubber band.

Roll up rolls

At once we will make a reservation, that this method is good for those,who in the closet on the shelf for socks does not have a bag or box where they are piled up in a heap, but a special organizer with cells, otherwise small items of the wardrobe will simply crumble and mix again. Now about how to fold socks this way. It is necessary to spread one of them on any surface, level it, put the second one on it, gently combining their edges. Next, starting with the sewn side, the socks are rolled up and embedded in the cells.

Textile envelopes

Such a method is a modified versionprevious. Only socks, stacked one on the other, you need not fold, and fold: children - twice, adults - three times or four. You need to start with a stitched side.

we fold socks correctly

When the pair is folded, it is necessary to take the socks in their handsand turn out the elastic of one of them, putting it on the kit. Thus, we will get neat little envelopes that take up little space and look very nice.

So we told about how to fold socks, offering several options at once. We hope that you will not have any more problems finding them.

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