Male size 50 - this is what? How to determine?

Men going to update their wardrobeindependently, it happens, they are wrong with the choice of the correct size. So their nature is arranged. And even if the seller-consultant tells a representative of the strong half of humanity that his male size is 50 - "This is what?" - the buyer will specify. So how do you figure this out?

Male size 50 - this is what? Define

So, more in detail.Male size 50 - this is what? How is it determined? To do this, just remove a few simple measures. The breast volume should be from 98 to 101 centimeters. The waist is between 85 and 90 centimeters. The hips are from 103 to 106 centimeters. Thus, knowing the standards, you can already clearly determine the male size of 50. "This is what?" - you will not have to ask.

male size 50 is what

We take measurements

And now about taking measurements.To do this, you will need to use a centimeter tape (the main thing is a new one, unstretched). It is advisable to call someone to help. Not every measure is convenient to take off on your own. Then you need to undress to your underwear.

The first measure is growth.In order to remove it, you need to undo and straighten, leaning back against the wall. If you have a male size of 50 - this is what, we have already sorted out, but the growth is still desirable, despite the fact that, as a rule, we need only the three above parameters. With a standard figure, they correspond to an increase from 174 to 179 centimeters.

The next measurement is chest girth. A centimeter tape for this stretches at the level of the armpits around the body along its line. This measurement is extremely necessary when buying a T-shirt, sweater, coat or jacket.

50 the size of a man is what

After that, measure the waist circumference. The tape is stretched (without the tightening) around the narrowest part of it. This value is required during the purchase of trousers.

And the last measure is the girth of the hips.To determine it, you need to stretch a centimeter tape around the most convex part of the buttocks. In order to buy new fashionable jeans, you need to know this size.

True, it is desirable if the man will know moreand the width of his shoulders, and the girth of his neck. In order to choose the right shirt, these dimensions may also be needed. Shoulders should be about 47 centimeters wide. Circumference of the neck - from 41 to 42 centimeters.

With online purchases

So, you have a size of 50 males.This is what? In this case, the question seems to arise no longer. However, in order to make purchases, for example, in online stores, you must also know your parameters that meet international standards. In the case of size 50 - this will be variant L. However, of course, it's best to make purchases "live" in order to choose exactly what suits you.

size 50 52 masculine is what size

Make no mistake

By the way, one of the most common is size 50 (52) male. This is what size - easy to understand on the above recommendations. The most important thing is not to make a mistake when taking measurements.

And one more thing. The ratio between the volume of the hips and the volume of the breast may differ from the standard parameters for size 50. In this case, you must be guided by the most important parameter for the purchased thing. That is, perhaps the difference between the pants and the shirt will be one size.

Basically, if it turns out that in choosingbetween two sizes because of this discrepancy you doubt - choose the one that is smaller. Clothing manufacturers often try to flatter a bit of customer pride (especially low-cost clothing). Therefore, they can slightly increase their products. Although these rules are exceptions. Do not forget that the more expensive the mark, the more precisely the dimensions coincide with the dimensional grid. That's all. Knowing your size, you will surely pick up beautiful stylish things that will attract the attention of others. Have a nice shopping!

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