Summer tunics are clothes that go to everyone

It's probably hard to come up with a more universalclothes than summer tunics, which are ideal for any woman. For several years now they have not given up their positions on fashion podiums and in everyday life.

The prototype of this type of clothing was invented inAncient Rome. Tunics were then the favorite clothing of people of all classes, ranging from soldiers and peasants, ending with wealthy townspeople and senators. Initially, these clothes were sewn from a rectangular piece of cloth sewn on the shoulders and on the sides. For the head made a large cutout, which allowed you to quickly take off and put on a tunic.

Summer tunics

Modern summer tunics area kind of "mix" of wide blouses and short dresses. Their styles are very diverse. Virtually every woman has clothes that can be classed as tunics. They gained such popularity due to their versatility. The sheer silhouette of this clothing allows you to wear it and hudyshkam, and fatty. At all, without exception, summer tunics look spectacular. The main thing in the selection of such clothes is to choose the size and style necessary for a woman. Experienced stylists recommend wearing tunics even to very full women, as they well conceal the flaws of the figure, while making the whole silhouette slimmer. An important point in choosing this garment is its coloring. Young bright fit summer tunics with different shades in the figure, and more adults and women with some disadvantages of the figure is better to choose a calm and monochrome colors. Some styles look great in combination with beautiful belts on the hips, made of a variety of materials.

Tunics for pregnant women

Tunics for pregnant women are considered to be garments that allow any woman during this period to look very impressive. Such clothes are better combined with loose trousers.

Summer tunics can be worn with shorts, leggings,narrow trousers, capri. They should be combined with each other in color and texture. Adornments made in ethnic style go to tunics (massive earrings and bracelets, necklaces and necklaces).

Despite the wide range of tunics on offer,every fashionista can make her own, exclusive clothes. The simplest version is a tunic of two chiffon or silk shawls of beautiful coloring. First, they mark the line of shoulders and side seams. Shoulder and side seams are wasted. In this case, a neck and armholes are formed. The length of the side seam and the depth of the armhole depends only on your desire. To the finished product you need to choose a suitable belt, which is worn on the hips.

Crochet Tunic
Knitting a summer tunic on needles is not difficultfor an experienced master. Such clothes are made with various openwork patterns, which give the product a special beauty and elegance. For her it is necessary to choose cotton, silk or linen threads of the necessary color. Such clothes will suit both for everyday wear and for solemn events.

Crochet tunic in recent timesis becoming increasingly popular, since the vast majority of designers for several years in a row represent in their collections models made with a crochet of a wide variety of threads. Such clothes beautifully fits the figure and hides its shortcomings.

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