Women's high-heeled shoes

Shoes are the main and indispensable elementwomen's wardrobe. After all, elegant shoes give the appropriate style and character to the appearance. So, if you choose the right shoes, you can create a unique and unique image, before which no man can resist.

Selection of women's shoes: basic tips

Women's shoes are selected in accordance with several parameters:

High Waist Shoes

  • Season. A big role in the selection of women's shoes is playedseason. If the winter is harsh, then, of course, boots and boots are relevant. Otherwise, it will be actual to make a choice in the direction of shoes, ballet shoes or sandals.
  • Style. A modern and stylish woman who knows thefashion, will agree that under a certain image the appropriate footwear is selected. Of course, you can not wear ballet shoes for an evening dress, as many women now like to combine. Similar experiments with elements of the wardrobe, in no way suitable to each other, create a not very attractive image that catches your eye.
  • Color spectrum. Quite often, women make mistakes inthe selection of shoes is in combination with the color of clothing. Competent selection of shoes and clothes, close in color structure, will help create an absolutely inimitable stylish image, which is the main business card of a modern woman.
  • Height of a woman. He plays an important role in terms of choosing shoes on a high wedge. It is worth noting that with high growth thin high heels will only visually pull out the silhouette and spoil the appearance.
  • Individual characteristics Women, among them the weight category andthe structure of the feet, should also be taken into account when choosing shoes. After all, the model, chosen not in size, can not only spoil the stylish image, but also highlight the main shortcomings.

Popular shoes for women

Women's high-heeled shoes

To date, modern ladies are the mostprefer women's shoes on a high wedge. This choice is due to the fact that shoes are comfortable not only for walking, but also for various activities. Shoes are very practical, so this style is designed for several seasons, which is a significant advantage, which gives the popularity of shoes. It should be noted that this version of footwear has many variations for every taste and season.

Advantages of women's shoes on a high wedge

The choice of such shoes has a number of advantages:

Beautiful high-heeled shoes photo

  • Creating a spectacular and stylish image. Shoes on a wedge have a large number of all kinds of models, each of which is unique in its own way and gives effect to any chosen image. Many women who carefully follow the trend of fashion, choose the shoes on a high wedge.
  • Stability. One of the main criteria in choosing shoes is sustainability. Many women hesitantly wear heels. However, thanks to a similar version of shoes, you can forget about these problems.
  • Ease. A high wedge does not attach to gravity shoes. In the process of their manufacture, manufacturers have provided all possible nuances that could cause women inconvenience. Therefore, many ladies prefer this option, only because during walking shoes on their feet almost do not feel.
  • A wide range of models and colors. Thanks to a wide assortment, each woman can choose her own original and comfortable shoes that fit her style.
  • Emotional aspect. Some people choose clothes based on a psychological state. Therefore, properly selected shoes can say a lot about the internal state, and also make the day successful. After all, confidence occupies an important place in the life of a woman who wants to look elegant.
  • Comfort. Comfort and comfort are the first things to look for when choosing shoes. That's why many people prefer to wear shoes on a high wedge, as they give confidence, make it look luxurious, light and comfortable, and also reduce the lift and reduce the load on the legs.

Selection of shoes on a high wedge

Open shoes on a high wedge

As you can see in the photo, beautiful shoes onhigh wedge look pretty attractive. However, it is worth remembering that the shoes you like should not only fit the style, but also look good on the foot. Therefore, a lot of different models were invented, among which women are given the opportunity to choose something suitable. To properly choose shoes, you first need to understand what kind of shoes on a high wedge suit the leg.

Varieties of shoes

Among the main varieties it is customary to distinguish the following models:

Closed shoes on a high wedge

  • Continuous. Such shoes are more relevant to the sporting style. They are suitable for an active lifestyle or playing sports, for example, fitness. It can be closed shoes on a high wedge with laces or ordinary ballet flats.
  • Tractor model. This option can be combined with all the elements of clothing and worn anywhere.
  • Low models. This species is most suitable for women who lead an active lifestyle. Such shoes will provide minimal fatigue of the legs, and will also give self-confidence and make the image more stylish.
  • High models. Shoes are in demand among women who are not entirely satisfied with their growth. As a rule, shoes are not just comfortable in everyday wearing, but perfectly emphasize the main advantages of a woman in combination with a sundress or a summer dress. Shoes on a high open-type wedge will perfectly create an easy summer look.
  • Models with a strap will give femininity to the female image.


To date, the most popular modelShoes on a high wedge is exactly the option with a strap. This choice is due to the fact that many women prefer to look absolutely in any situation and attract the attention of men. The model not only emphasizes the slender legs, but also visually makes them longer.

By choosing the right shoes for your style and image,you can achieve a complete harmony of attractiveness and remain feminine in any outfit, whether it's business style or simply an everyday option. The model on the high wedge guarantees a sense of confidence and femininity. After all, the shoes emphasize the main advantages and hide the shortcomings.

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