Velor tracksuits for women

The predecessor of velor, velvet, was created moreeight centuries ago in Venice. It is absolutely inconceivable to imagine luxurious dresses and decoration of palaces without this symbol of luxury and wealth. In the modern world of fashion, velvet is an analog of velvet, which combines the exotic luxurious gloss of velvet and the achievements of modern technologies.

Velor stuff does not shed, does not fade and is availablealmost every fashionista, which, undoubtedly, highlights it against the background of an ancestor - velvet. In the world of fashion, velor tracksuits for women first entered inconspicuously and imperceptibly. But in a very short time conquered the whole world, striking with comfort and warmth of their plush hugs. The original view that velor suits are intended only for sports has long been disproved. Now more and more fashionable women can be found in these costumes not only on jogging or training, but also at home or at a picnic.

Velor tracksuits for women are,a kind of proof that a woman can be beautiful and elegant even in a home environment or with active sports. In this suit, you really feel comfortable, stylish, warm and cozy. In these unpretentious suits you want to flirt, flirt, actively move and feel irresistible. It's no coincidence that they are so popular amongst Hollywood stars. Known to all, Jennifer Lopez puts on velor tracksuits for women almost always and everywhere. In addition, in her collections of women's clothing there are also velor suits created according to her own design. Gwyneth Paltrow and the Hollywood diva Catherine Zeta-Jones prefer cheerful velor costumes and bright colors. Such suits lead them into rapture and are worn by them very often. The star of "Sex in the City", the famous Sarah Jessica Parker calls such costumes everyday clothes, in which you can feel attractive and sexy. Famous all over the world singer Madonna has developed her own collection of sports velor suits. The collection is dominated by soft fashionable suits with rhinestones and all kinds of prints. Russian famous designer Masha Tsigal also created a collection of such costumes. Velor tracksuits in women's collections are characterized by soft, dim pastel tones and interspersed with oriental motifs. Such costumes can be worn with both high-heeled shoes and sandals, which makes this outfit festive and stylish. Her costumes are delivered in bulk throughout Russia. Glamorous and extravagant designers at the Dolce & Gabbana house have developed a collection of very original sports velor suits. Costumes are supplemented with applications from rhinestones and all kinds of cartoons. Such costumes were taken with great delight by the beautiful female sex. Not less fashionable and well-known brand Baby Phat was recognized thanks to the production of youth suits. This collection is distinguished by the richness and variety of all sorts of embroideries, prints, a variety of colors and models with hoods. No modern disco can not do without the presence of a woman of fashion in such a dress. Sporting costumes online store offers in large numbers. In a properly matched sport velor suit, any woman and girl, regardless of body and age, will look charming, stylish, fashionable and elegant. If a woman wants to look slimmer, then she should choose velor pants with stripes. Costume with print and embroidery, on the contrary, will emphasize the femininity and harmony of the figure. In addition, they are really very comfortable to solve all their daily affairs and issues.

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