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For every woman, her appearance is greatvalue, everyone wants to look fine daily, not just on holidays. Creating a stylish image every day is not every power, because our wardrobe is often scattered, things in it may not match each other in style and texture. That's why it's important to choose the right foundation for your wardrobe. Thus, you can create new stylish images every day. The photos presented in the article clearly illustrate the different types of female appearance. Let's see how with the help of clothes you can emphasize the individuality of each woman, all her dignity and make men bewitchingly watch her go, and women - hungly look at her image.

How to start creating the right wardrobe?

Contrary to popular belief, the idealwardrobe is an individual concept. Not necessarily blindly follow the fashion trends of the season, described in fashion magazines. The first step is to soberly assess all its advantages and disadvantages. Guided by the individual characteristics of the figure, you should choose clothes. It is important to learn to emphasize one's dignity, while hiding the essential flaws of the figure. Reconsider your old clothes, try to look at your favorite things from the side, to assess them impartially. A favorite dress that has become too tight for you, or jeans, long out of fashion, do not need to be stored in a closet in the hope that the fashion will come back or you will lose weight one day. Buying a new thing, you should proceed not only from whether it is fashionable and whether you like it or not. It is important to consider in this case, whether it is suitable for clothes that are already available. Probably, every woman faced with the situation when the purchased thing does not have anything to wear, so it either just hangs in the closet, or, which happens more often, is put on with things that do not harmonize with it at all. It is important to choose the right accessories. Best of all, if they are universal, that is, they will successfully combine not only with one blouse or dress, but will be a perfect addition to several fashionable images.

Follow your color

Every fashionista today knows about the existence offour color-types, which must be taken into account when choosing clothes of this or that color. It is important to know what color type you belong to and how to properly use the data obtained from nature in order to create a stylish image.

stylish image

Color-types: spring, summer, autumn, winter

So, women like "spring" have lightsoft curls, skin of light shades, thin and poorly tanable. The eyes of the woman-spring can be either blue or green, and gray and light brown. Representatives of this color type are recommended to use light warm colors in clothes. Perfect for such women are blue, peach, turquoise shades.

The color-type "summer" is the mostcommon for women in Russia. Women of this type have blonde hair, while the skin has an olive or grayish hue. In order to create a stylish image for every day, the girls of the color-type "summer" should wear light-colored or slightly muffled tones. Their colors are basically blue, pink or gray and their shades.

By the autumn color, women with red orchestnut shade of thick hair. The eyes of women of this type are often brown or green, the skin is delicate and tender. Representatives of this color-type stylists advise to use in the wardrobe all shades of brown, red and green colors. It is not recommended to wear cool clothes.

The color-type "winter" is considered to be the brightest andcontrast, so "winter" women are suitable for such shades. This color type is most typical for oriental women and in general for all owners of dark hair, brown eyes and swarthy skin. Women of the "winter" look great in the clothes of classic black and white shades, they are well suited for warm colors. As for make-up, the emphasis should be on one thing, say, only on the eyes or only on the lips.

stylish images of the photo

Basic wardrobe

It is extremely important to have a wardrobe-base, somethinglike a thread, on which you will string different beads, adding details to your image. The base of any wardrobe is stylish, but at the same time neutral things that fit almost every woman. A few accents, well-chosen accessories - and here's a stylish image ready. To such basic things it is possible to carry that most notorious "small black dress" or, say, black trousers with arrows, correct cut of classic blue jeans, etc. Create stylish fashionable images, using things of the basic wardrobe, supplemented with accessories and color accents.

We place accents competently

Take into account the features of your own figure andcorrect it with the help of various accents. If the figure has visible drawbacks, focus on the merits, thus diverting attention from what is undesirable to notice.

If you have large breasts, it is in itself a bright accent, you should not additionally pay attention to it by the abundance of patterns or beads on your chest.

If you have a small height and you would like itfix, focus on the waist, choosing trousers with a high waist, a pencil skirt or a dress with a strap on the chest. Thus, you visually make your silhouette more slender, legs will seem longer.

Stylish images of "spring-summer"

stylish fashion images

When the window is spring and the weather is swiftchanging, fashionistas should be ready for any of her whims. Choosing stylish images for each day, remember that the spring image should be concise, but at the same time attract attention. Perfectly suit, say, a combination of high jeans and a shirt, you can put on a leather jacket or jacket from above, and complement the image with expressive accessories. The spring of this year is held under the motto "Tenderness and Attraction."

the image of a stylish woman
Summer is the time of the year when you can safelyto put on the most vivid and unusual clothes. The main trendy summer trend is a white color, which can be combined with various bright accents. As for shoes, it is better to give preference to sandals of pastel shades. The obligatory element of the fashionable summer image is a large and capacious bag. Girls with slender legs can afford short shorts and skirts. Long sarafans made from light flowing fabrics are an excellent image of a stylish woman who would like to hide some of the nuances of the figure.

The stylish image of "autumn-winter"

stylish images for girls

Fashionable colors of the coming winter, mostly dark andsaturated. Stand out from the crowd in the winter and autumn of this year, you can use clothes claret and dark blue flowers, all shades of brown and black, which, as always, remain relevant during the cold weather. Stylish images for girls of the new season are characterized by their eccentricity and depth of color, so do not be afraid to experiment and combine what at first sight seems incongruous.

stylish images for every day
At the peak of the winter and autumn seasonsthere are folk ornaments in clothes. In general, the fashionable images of "autumn-winter" this year resemble the style of the 70s. Among other things, you can also highlight the style of "country" with its hats and high boots, which will be especially relevant in the fall.

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