Women's leather shoulder bag: tips, description, fashion trends

The choice of a bag is a whole epic for each of us. A women's leather shoulder bag is no exception. Finding a suitable model is not so simple, because it should be large enough, but not too cumbersome, stylish, and at the same time not screaming, and in addition, combined with your favorite clothes and shoes. The list of requirements for an ideal bag can be quite large. Of course, every fashionista has something to add to it.

A women's leather shoulder bag is a wonderful versatile option. However, even in this category there are many options. We will talk about them today.

women's leather shoulder bag

Small handbags and their varieties

There is not always a need to drag arounda pack of documents, a filled cosmetic bag, a light box with food and so on. Small leather bags over the women's shoulder exist just for such cases when you go on a date or walk around the city. They will also be useful in the opposite situation, for example, on a long trip, when the bulk of things are packed in suitcases. They can be taken to the luggage compartment, and in a small purse they can put together documents, money, phone and a pack of napkins.

leather bag over the shoulder

Today, reticuli have returned to fashion. Clutches and envelopes are still relevant.

As for the decor, today's fashion is onlyWelcomes the individuality, without limiting self-expression and imagination by some framework. The leather from which the bag is made can be painted with special colors, embroidered, decorated with wicker ornaments or decorated with embossing and burning. All this, of course, is fashionable and worth it to wear. A small handbag, trimmed with an unusual decor, can become the main feature of the whole image.

Large bags

Once a woman's leather bag over her shoulder was associated exclusively with the work of the postman. Today this accessory can be seen in the hands of a business lady, a fashion photographer, an active young mother.

leather branded shoulder bag

A capacious bag becomes a reala help for those who live at a pace. And let the men laugh at the fact that in some women's bags you can find a whole warehouse! But we know that it stores only the most necessary things! Just a list of this is necessary for every woman: someone has enough combs and a handkerchief, and someone can not live without an organizer with a set of makeup brushes, a favorite book or a multi-tutu.

If this is your format, a reliable and roomy female leather shoulder bag will become your faithful companion.


Today, as never before, accessories are valued,made by hand. Even 20-30 years ago, many women were able to sew and knit, and for most of them it was a necessity. Times have changed, and in this regard, changes are positive. After all, what is created by hands in a single copy, is often just amazing. With the help of such things it is possible to bring into the image a highlight, to emphasize one's own unique style.

Women's leather shoulder bag made bymaster, is a wonderful way of self-expression. When choosing, pay attention to the quality of the skin and the strength of the seams. A thing made at least in a factory, though by an artisanal way, must be of high quality and accurate.

female black leather shoulder bag

Natural leather is a grateful, spectacularmaterial for work. Today things come back to fashion, done with deliberate carelessness and a slight touch of primitivism. All this is usually called the fashionable word "vintage".

Very relevant model of a simple cut, which allows you to consider the beauty and rustic quality of the leather cloth.

Famous brands

If you want to buy a really high-quality thing that will last more than one year, and at the same time are ready to shell out, pay attention to the best manufacturers.

small leather bags over the shoulder of a woman

A leather branded bag over the shoulder of a woman sometimes costs a fortune. Not always in this price is laid only quality - often you need to pay for a big name on the logo.

But, as experts in the fashion world and the mostadvanced fashionista, it's worth it. "Gucci", "Chanel", "Valentino" - these and many other brands have proven themselves only on the good side and keep an inflated bar for many decades in a row. Accessories from famous fashion houses are distinguished by a special refined style, unique design and undoubted quality.

Evening Fashion

What is suitable for daily life canbe simply inappropriate at a secular reception. If you are planning to visit a theater or restaurant, take care to have at least one evening bag in the wardrobe. Let it be a universal model that will fit any solemn side. With this role can perfectly handle neutral women's black leather shoulder bag, especially a small size. As for the decor, it can be decorated with lace, beads, rhinestones.

leather ladies shoulder bag

And you can go the opposite way and choose a handbag that shines with all the colors of the rainbow. This model is also suitable for everything and will be very appropriate in the light of soffits or candles.

In any case, choose what you like. Then a women's leather shoulder bag will bring you only positive emotions.

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