Italian quality and elegance: Baldinini shoes

Elegant classics without freaks - shoes"Baldini" - an Italian brand that has appeared since the beginning of the 20th century. The motto of the brand is "design without compromising comfort." According to the fans of this shoe, the models are so comfortable that you can sleep in them.

Brand History

Mark took her first steps in the shoe businessin 1910, producing models, sewn by hand to order. Handicraft production can be traced now, interwoven with the creative ideas of the Fashion House.

Worldwide recognition of the brand achieved only in the thirdgeneration in the 70s. Under the direction of Jimmy Baldinini, the new Baldini shoes were released - charming hand-made clogs. The models were sold like hot pies in the winter.

Mark went through numerous searches,Experiments, discoveries and many collections before becoming a well-known brand. After more than a hundred years of work and millions of sold pairs of shoes, the company has many similar stores in many countries around the world.

Shoes "Baldinini" exhibited in the family museum of the company. Exhibits - four thousand pairs of models made for the age-old history of the Fashion House.


Designer Jimmy Baldinini is confident that anyonea person must have at least two pairs of quality shoes: for every day and for going out into the light. For daily wearing, products may differ in unpretentiousness and even modesty. For evening versions of the model should be bright, figured, multi-layered platform is allowed.

The brand line includes shoes for anyseason from sabot to boots. Some collections are reserved, but elegant suede, leather shoes, patent leather boots, corrugated boots. Also presented and, it would seem, incredible models: shoes decorated with Swarovski crystals, boots with gold patterns and the effect of vintage.

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Shoes "Baldinini" is famous for its heels:they are diverse and expressive. Wedge-shaped heel, refined hairpin, platform or wedge - for each case you can choose your model. A well-known brand has a special mood. The products of the brand are feminine and beautiful, like Italy itself.

Celebrities choose "Baldinini"

"Baldinini" - shoes (reviews of many domesticand foreign celebrities confirm this), which can be worn at any event. The Italian brand was preferred to wear Princess Diana. It is believed that the designer of the brand created couples especially for the monarch. But even today the royal family uses the services of the company: Kate Middleton prefers the shoes of this company.

Jean-Claude Van Damme admits a rather unusual way that he wears the products of Italians.

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And Vladimir Putin periodically puts on black oxfords of this brand - classic men's shoes with a small heel.

The first tennis player of the planet Novak Djokovic also prefers sneakers and shoes of the Italian brand.

Claudia Schiffer wears Baldini's products. Those who were fortunate enough to see the cloakroom Monica Bellucci, say that the actress likes shoes, sandals and clogs of the famous brand.

Women's shoes

Women's collection of the company - a variety of models and colors, from strict classics to trendy products. Female models are produced with the principle: comfort, luxury, but not pretentiousness.

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The choice of shoes is really great.And although shoes and sandals are designed for the mild climate of Italy, models are in demand in the Russian regions. Especially women choose boots and boots. Footwear "Baldinini" (photos - boots from the new collection - presented above) because of the practical heel can be worn for every day. Ankle boots, high-heeled boots are suitable for an evening out.

The whole design of shoes for women is diverse:classics, elegance, casual style and models, as if arriving to us from the future. In any case, the products will appeal to the soul as a business girl, and the one that prefers the sporting style.

Men's footwear

Men's shoes "Baldinini" - collections inclassic, sporty performance and casual style. The Italian brand creates men's products under the motto - "the golden mean". A line of models - boots, boots, shoes, sneakers, moccasins.

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At tailoring designers use suede, textiles andveal skin. It allows you to achieve the desired texture. In each season, the Italian brand produces models with a diverse color palette. So the problem of choosing shoes for men is missing.

Italian brand shoes are not cheap, but the pricepays off in full. It can be confidently asserted that the products will not get peeled after a month of socks. For the quality of the models, the chief designer of the company Jimmy Baldinini is vouched.

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