What does Kivat trade mark offer for young mods? Helmet-cap for the child

After the expiry of not one decade in the trend again"Kapry" for children, in the style of the 90s. Only they are called today a little differently - hats-helmets. Their popularity is increasing year by year, in this there is nothing surprising. Foreign and Russian designers please small dandies with convenient, light and warm winter products.

It should be noted that not all manufacturers usewhen sewing children's hats natural and safe materials, so when buying look at the brand. Finnish company "Kivat" (Kivat) has proved itself in the world market. The helmet-cap for the young mods of this manufacturer is distinguished by its durability and functionality.

Employees of the company "Kivat" create originalmodels of different color palette, playing with clean lines and proportions. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the material. For the manufacture of insulated children's clothing only natural hypoallergenic woolen fibers are used. All models strictly comply with high European requirements, do not wear out for a long time and do not stretch.


kivat helmet

Decorative solutions for each dress reflectfashion trends and surprise with a variety of choices: contrasting hues, complex textures, thematic images. Elegant winter models for children, reflecting the nature and individuality, can be found in the collection of the Finnish brand "Kivat" (Kivat). A helmet-cap is a universal thing, in which both a scarf and a hat are successfully combined.

The product perfectly warms, does not constrain movementsduring an active walk. Parents can not worry that in frosty weather the neck or head will be opened. In addition, there are no straps and straps in such a cap. According to Mom and Dad, modern models are very light, practical, can withstand a low temperature regime down to -25 ° C.

What are the advantages of a hat-helmet "Kivat"?

 cap helmet kivat

Finnish fashion designers took care of the quality of the fabric,all models are made of wool, as insulation isosoft, membrane and other modern materials are used. Manufacturers have taken into account and appearance. The collection is full of a wide variety: a choice of elegant helmets with bright appliqués, images of cartoon characters, creative patterns.

Each parent will be able to choose the best optionfor his child from the rich assortment of the company "Kivat" (Kivat). The helmet-cap protects the child from harsh weather conditions, emphasizes the style and individual image. With proper and careful care, the product will last for many years, will not lose shape, do not fade, does not stretch.

How to choose the right size of the headdress of the brand "Kivat"?

sizes of kivat helmets

The helmet-cap is selected taking into account agefeatures and the circumference of the head. Do not purchase the product for a larger size, as it will constantly slide over your eyes, and the wool fabric will quickly lose its original shape. See that the closet is snug against the head, do not be afraid of a strong fit, because over time it will stretch a bit.

Fiber name, care rules, measuresThe precautions and sizes of Kivat helmets are indicated on the label in the form of certain symbols. Hats for babies with a head circumference of 44-46 cm can be supplied for sale. You can choose a cute model for an older child of 5-8 years old with a head size of 52-56 cm.

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