Winter jacket "Alaska" for women: review of models and reviews

This brand is very popular all over the world.almost half a century already. Her story begins with the creation of warm clothes for the pilots of fighters and bombers of America. The US Air Force Administration has set a task - to create a jacket that can protect pilots from the cold when they are at a high altitude.

Among the clothing manufacturers launched a tender, and the main criteria for the selection were as follows:

  • the jacket should be comfortable and light (to provide the ability to move quickly);
  • keep warm and protect from low temperatures pilots in the cockpit.

How did the brand "Alaska"

Alpha Industries organization won the tender. This company has developed the necessary model.

Alaska is female

Now it is one of the most popular jackets inthe whole world. Military destinations long gone by the wayside. Today, this outerwear is represented by a huge number of different types. Manufacturers made a division by gender, that is, there was a "Alaska" women's jacket. This outerwear perfectly protects the body at low temperatures, comfortable and light.

Brand "Alaska": women's jacket

With the development of modern technology products of thistrademarks only improved. Jacket "Alaska" (female) today has a lot of models. Differs product recognizable and practical style.

female alaska jacket

"Alaska" - women's jacket has an originaldesign: every detail is taken into account when creating styles, high-quality materials are used, there is a characteristic color range. Products of this brand are the most convenient and weightless.

Jacket "Alaska" women's winter hasvarious interpretations (different models for cut, with natural and artificial furs, original pockets, etc.). To date, there are many replicas of this brand. Manufacturers in many countries also present in their collections winter outerwear with the same name.

Women's Alaska Winter Jacket: Manufacturers

Many ladies prefer to wear onlyoriginal, genuine products. One of these is the Alaska women's winter jacket (Alpha), which is what they often look for in retail outlets. But besides the American options, manufacturers from other countries create very good models (brand replicas). "Alaska" women's winter (clones of the original models) can be made in these countries:

  1. Finland. This country has long been famous for making high-quality outerwear (trademarks Auto Jack, Joutsen).
  2. China. Alpha Industries. Things are made directly in this country on the documentation and technology of the US developers.
  3. Ireland. Good products and sports equipment.
  4. Germany. Models differ original colors and affordable cost.
  5. Russia. The company BASK, which manufactures clothes for sports and travel equipment, also offers an original version (clone of the brand). Jacket "Alaska" for women is of good quality and different colors.

Alaska winter jacket for women
Everyone chooses: to look for the original product or to use the offers of domestic or other global manufacturers to buy quality products.

"Alaska" women's winter jacket: what to wear

This outerwear looks good with jeans (both tight and loose), warm leggings, and other trouser options.

One of the best choices among shoes forCombination with a jacket - this boots army. Manufacturers took care of this and released a special "Alaska" dutik (female), which are very well combined with a jacket.

When choosing bags, it is better to give preference to large sizes, perhaps sports options or backpacks.

Well with a winter women's jacket of this brand look bulk winter sweaters with thick viscous.

Among the accessories you can opt for the original models of scarves.

How to distinguish the original model of women's jackets "Alaska"

All real winter jackets (manufactured by AlphaIndustries companies) in their design have the same features. For example, one of the most famous PARKA series is characterized by the following parameters:

  1. It has four outer pockets (mortise): upper - oblique with two buttons; lower - rectangular (on the valves), which are also closed with buttons. Inside there is also one pocket.
  2. Over the entire width of the waist there is an adjustment.
  3. Inside the sleeves there are warm elastic cuffs.
  4. The lining is quilted, both external and internal (for maximum protection from wind and cold).
  5. The presence of the hood (adjustable, authentic) with insulation from artificial fur, which is attached to the hood.
  6. Women's winter jackets (PARKA series) are made of nylon (lining and top), the insulation is high-tech polyester compounds.

Photos of popular products

Having considered the photo of products of this brand, it is worth noting a special original model, it can be called a classic.

Alaska Winter Women

Designs well protect from cold and windthe owner of such a winter jacket. Models decorated with natural fur look very stylish. The colors of the products are bright but not striking: green, dark purple and dark blue, noble red and many others.

What do ladies say about Alaska winter jackets

Women's "Alaska" with natural fur - model,which is always very popular. Ladies celebrate its luxurious appearance and the possibility of combining with various types of clothing: from pants to skirts - and modern accessories. Can be combined with shoes that have decorations from fur (both natural and artificial).

Dutik Alaska women

By styles and models (differentproducing countries) presented a fairly wide selection. Jackets "Alaska" always first-class protect from wind, frost and heavy snowfall. And thanks to its practical construction and high-tech insulation, women are always in great demand among women, who appreciate comfort, quality and practicality.

The price of the product depends on many factors:

  • manufacturer;
  • materials of manufacture;
  • quality of accessories;
  • elements in decoration (natural or artificial furs);
  • collections, as well as discounts and sales.

female Alaska with natural fur

Many owners note not only protection fromcold weather, but also the durability of the product: you can wear for many years in a row, since the materials of manufacture are of the highest quality. The jacket does not require much effort when leaving.

Also, I will be pleased with the original and bright colors that the Alaska model range has. Models with natural fur look more than luxurious.

The modern market is rich in many offers,starting with domestic manufacturers of top winter clothing "Alaska" and ending with foreign ones. The product can be purchased both in specialized stores for recreation and sports, and ordered from online stores. Having stopped the choice on the Alaska brand, one can be confident in the comfort and practical protection from any cold weather, snow, and wind.

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