Gold pin for a tie: an accessory or a necessity?

A tie is an essential attribute of a business style. A man in a good tie is solid, beautiful and expensive. By itself, this element of clothing is already an accessory, but for it there are small ornaments. Although I must say that they all have their share of functionality.

A gold pin for a tie is a historically developed component. To understand this, it is necessary to refer to the history of the appearance of a tie.

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History of tie

Habitual ties to us appeared in England inlate nineteenth century. And then for them clamps were invented. Such clips are still used everywhere, they help to keep the tie in one place and do not allow its ends to creep.

However, until the nineteenth century, ties likethose were not. Their place was occupied by neck scarves. These scarves were made of slippery materials - silk, satin. They were also made of cambric, muslin and other fabrics with a beautiful texture. A gold pin was an integral part of this accessory. She fixed the knot in the right place or helped hold the folds of the neck scarf in the proper position.

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Pin: accessory or necessity?

A gold pin is almost the only thingfunctional decoration, entrenched among accessories. The first primitive pins were made of stone and bone fragments. They were used in the Stone Age. Over time, the pins were modernized.

That's only in ancient Rome, a functional rolefasteners disappeared from the life of pins - in this field they were replaced with buttons and hooks, and a decorative brooch (one of the granddaughters of a prehistoric pin) was replaced by brooches. In the end, jewelry pins left a place only in the men's wardrobe.

The closest thing to modern tie pinsThere are handkerchiefs created in Ancient China for high-ranking dignitaries. Their luxurious outfits required no less than luxurious and expensive accessories. So, gold pins strewn with scattered jewels, whose purpose was to keep in the proper position no less bright and luxurious scarves, appeared.

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Do you need a modern pin tie?

The appearance of ribbon ties was not discardeda tie pin into the far corner. She acquired a more familiar form and continued to fulfill her duties - to keep in her proper form the magnificent knots.

Do we need gold pins for a tie? Their popularity among the modern variety of accessories is due to some particularly complex neckties. For example, such as "ascot". This knot the British are tied up for weddings and annual royal jumps, thanks to which he actually appeared. In other countries of our diverse world, a tie in this version of wearing conquers the position of a stylish and unusual accessory. And, accordingly, with him a tie-pin is walking around the world, without which this knot is simply unthinkable.

Another type of tie that usesthe functional side of the pin, the “lavalier”. We owe his appearance to one of the royal favorites. He has long been extremely popular. Both men and women wore it. However, due to the complexity of the knot and the tremendous amount of time it took to set it up, it soon began to give way to other, less complex knots. Now "lavalier" ties are sold with a ready-made knot and are again gaining their popularity. Tie pins do not allow the knot to slide over the silk of the tie and keep the design in proper shape and place.

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Changes and disappearance of tie pins

Initially, the design of the pin was strict. A thin rod, topped with a pearl, gem or cameo at the end. Refined and not pretentious. However, in the fifties of the nineteenth century there was a boom in jewelry pins. They began to decorate monograms, miniature sketches. Each pin is a reflection of the extravagance and taste of the owner. At the same time, horseshoe pins appeared - for good luck.

But, unfortunately, with the start of mass productionribbon ties, this accessory became available to the middle class, and the need for a tie pin gradually disappeared. For the need for it has disappeared. Representatives of the middle class did not need to be crafted in intricate knots or intricate draperies.

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A gold pin: an indicator of luxury or elegance?

However, there will always be people who are able and willing to prove and show their financial position. One of the ways such unobtrusive evidence was a gold pin for a tie.

The functionality of this element has faded into the background again. Primarily, the subtlety of the work with which the gold pin is made is appreciated. Her elegance, style and high cost.

A gold pin for men in a duet with gold cufflinks is an essential element of style, security and an indicator of refined taste.

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How to wear a pin?

Wearing a tie pin is an art, as is the wearing of a tie. How to wear a gold pin?

It must be selected with special care. It should not divert attention from its owner. It should be remembered that in any case the gold pin is a decorative element. It should not be the most expensive part of the costume. A pin is like a bank account. Do not show everyone the number of zeros.

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It is very important for a man to know how to wear Photos in the article show us the impeccability of the image with a correctly chosen and worn gold pin. If you use other accessories in your costume besides her, make sure that they are in harmony with each other. Best of all, if it is a tasteful set. Well, if a woman helps you with this, because who is better at understanding all the subtleties and nuances of fashion and style? Be courageous and beautiful!

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