How to wash jeans in a washing machine?

Jeans are comfortable and functional clothingon every day. Despite the fact that jeans fabric is considered hardy and unpretentious, some recommendations for caring for the product should be followed, so that it does not lose its appearance. How to wash jeans in a washing machine?

General recommendations

Many owners of jeans worried aboutthe question of how to properly wash jeans in a washing machine so as to preserve their original appearance as long as possible. In doing so, they try to follow all the instructions from the manufacturer that are on the tag. However, this is not enough for proper washing. It is also recommended to follow the following simple rules:

  • before washing, it is important to check the pockets for missing small items or other hard objects that can stretch the fabric during the washing process;
  • it is important to turn the product inside out, so you can prevent molting;
  • if the jeans are prone to color loss, you can soak them in a weak solution of vinegar before cleaning;

how to wash jeans in a washing machine

  • It is allowed to use only those detergents that do not contain chlorine.

In addition, it is necessary to comply with the permissible temperature regime for washing, which is specified by the manufacturer.

Temperature conditions

Many modern automatic washing machinesequipped with a special program for washing jeans. If it is not available, then the settings need to be adjusted manually. Particular attention in this case should be given to the temperature regime for washing.

How to wash jeans in a washing machine,so that they do not lose their properties? The optimal temperature for washing denim without an abundance of decor is considered to be at least 40 degrees. Jeans decorated with rhinestones, embroidery and other decorative elements are subject to delicate washing in water 30 degrees.

how to wash jeans in a washing machine

The percentage of cotton andother impurities that are specified by the manufacturer. Thus, if you wash the product of pure cotton fabric at high temperatures, then jeans will certainly "sit down". In this case, products with elements of stretch fabric are not recommended to be washed at a temperature above 60 degrees.

Spin rules

Is it possible to wash jeans in a washing machine? Yes, if you follow all the recommendations. One of the basic rules for washing denim is spinning. An incorrectly adjusted spinning mode can damage it or make jeans "sit down".

The most optimal option isno spin per se. Just washed pants get from the machine and wet hang for drying. However, in this way, the thing will dry for a long time, which can bring inconvenience. Therefore, the most innocuous option is chosen, which will allow to get rid of excess water - the number of revolutions when wringing a jeans item should not exceed 500. Thus, excess water will be squeezed, but small turns will not allow things to decrease in size.

how to properly wash jeans in a washing machine

Washing frequency

How best to wash jeans in a washing machine,to save them for the next season? Even if the owner of the product has a habit of washing things after one socks, it should be abandoned if it is a matter of denim matter. Pants from dense fabric should be washed only if they have visible dirt. The fact is that too frequent washing in the washing machine thins the fibers of the fabric, which makes jeans more prone to the formation of scuffs and holes.

In this case, the frequency of washing also depends on the color of the jeans fabric. Light models require washing more often than blue, gray or black.

Rinse Mode

No washing is not limited to the processfriction of jeans in water with a detergent. It is also important to rinse the product in order to avoid an allergic reaction to the detergent and unpleasant divorce, which can remain on dark matter.

Optimum option is 2 rinses, which are the standard in washing machines, automatic. Sometimes, on personal request, you can increase the amount of rinses to 3-4.

Means for washing

How best to wash jeans in a washing machine using special tools? Often the following substances are used for these purposes:

  1. Washing powder is considered classicmeans for washing. Variations exist for every taste and purse. When washing jeans products with detergent, preference should be given to varieties for colored fabrics, since they have the properties of maintaining color saturation and prevent molting.
    Whether it is possible to wash jeans in the washing machine
  2. Capsules for washing have appeared not so long ago, but alreadymanaged to win back a part of the market from washing powder. They are filled with gel, which gently cleans the product from dirt, without traumatizing the fibers. Often used for delicate washing.
  3. The gel for washing in bottles has a cap,which is convenient to measure the dosage of the drug. It has an action similar to gel capsules, but is poured into the liquid detergent compartment, unlike the capsules that are placed in the drum along with the jeans.

The choice of the product does not affect the quality of washing and is determined by personal convenience.

Stain Removal

How to wash jeans in a washing machine,to wash the stains? Everything depends on the origin of the contamination. If it has the form of rubbing against the touch of hands, then ordinary washing powder for colored laundry will cope with such contamination. If the stain from fat, wine, fruit and other substances that are difficult to clean, you should refer to special stain removers.

how to wash ripped jeans in a washing machine

Preference should be given to funds in liquidform, as they are conveniently applied to the place of contamination. Then the thing should be left in the pelvis for soaking for the time period indicated on the stain remover package. It is strictly forbidden to use substances that have chlorine in the composition, since they can significantly spoil the appearance of the product.

Washing jeans with decor

Denim pants with an abundance of decorative elementsnow are at the peak of popularity among girls. For their careful cleaning, you should choose the most delicate washing programs, as well as liquid detergents that will not damage embroidery or rhinestones.

How to wash ragged jeans in a washing machine? Ragged jeans are also subject to cleaning in a gentle mode. The fact that the edges of holes remain untreated, so the aggressive effect of the washing machine can provoke thinning of fibers and increase of holes, which will considerably spoil the appearance of the product.

To ensure complete safety, abundantly decorated trouser models are preferably hand washed, since in this way it is possible to adjust the friction force in certain places.


How to wash jeans in a washing machine, shouldknow everyone, because this wardrobe will never go out of fashion. In addition, a quality product is worth a lot, so everyone wants to keep its attractive appearance as long as possible.

how best to wash jeans in a washing machine

When washing, it is important to follow all recommendations,specified by the manufacturer on the label, use high-quality detergents. In addition, it is important to wash jeans separately from other clothes, because denim is a rather rough fabric, and it can damage other soft tissues. In addition, jeans are prone to molting, so you should use a means to maintain the brightness of the color of the material.

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