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Sneakers have long been the most popularelement of the wardrobe. The main criteria for choosing such shoes are reliability, convenience and, of course, appearance. All these requirements meet the ASICS sneakers. They will provide comfort with an active lifestyle and will improve the results in professional sports.

ASICS - legend in the world of sports shoes

Starting its operations, the Japanese manufacturertook the name, which is the abbreviation Anima sano in corpore sano, which translates as "In a healthy body - a healthy mind." The choice was made not by chance. The main priority of the company is to create the most comfortable sneakers for everyday use, and for practicing different sports. They should contribute to increasing the athlete's performance, while minimizing the possibility of injuries and injuries.

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Thanks to tireless workscientific research institute, which can be called the heart of the company, the latest technologies are used in the production of ASICS sneakers. More than one hundred specialists are engaged in the development of innovations. Attention is also paid to the appearance. The best designers are working on creating bright and beautiful shoes, which makes ASICS sneakers a leader in sales.

Secret of success

The main direction of the company ASICS wasthe creation of ideal running shoes for running. Thanks to the careful approach to making such shoes, the brand quickly became popular. The systematic introduction of new technologies allowed the company to provide high-quality, wear-resistant products to consumers.

Over time, the attention of the manufacturer was attracted andOther sports. Now the brand offers excellent shoes for volleyball players, football players and other athletes. All sneakers provide ease of movement due to the low weight and cushioning sole. Also, they are characterized by excellent adhesion to the surface and maximum stability.

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But not only convenience is appreciated in shoes,produced by the ASICS brand. Models of the sneakers of this manufacturer have a wonderful design. Since sports shoes have long become popular for daily use, this is of great importance.

Variety of models

A wide range of models are now on the marketvarious ASICS shoes. People can meet their desire to acquire a beautiful shoe in different sexes of any age. For men, the company offers more massive sneakers, which are ideal for both sports and everyday use. Considered in the manufacture of the tendency of men to sweating, which causes slipping of the legs in sneakers and can lead to injuries. Therefore, shoes are made of breathable materials that provide perfect ventilation of the foot, protecting it from wind and moisture.

As for women's sneakers, they haveless weight and a brighter color. They take into account the peculiarity of the structure of the female foot, which makes this shoe very convenient for women. If desired, you can choose models of unisex, which are great for both men and women.

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Do not forget the company and the youngest athletes. The manufacturer produces sneakers for teenagers and children. It is in childhood that you should wear comfortable shoes, since the opposite can lead to disturbances in the normal development of the foot. Therefore, the consumer is presented with a lot of tests and tested for quality children's sneakers.

How not to be mistaken with the size?

Buying sneakers ASICS, you need to carefullyto choose their size. Of course, if shoes are purchased in a store, then there are no special problems, because you can always try on the model you like. Much more complicated matters when buying over the Internet. The sizes of the ASICS shoes are indicated on shoes according to American or European tables and do not coincide with the Russians. Therefore, having found the necessary model, it is necessary to consider the table of sizes and to be defined with a variant suitable for you.

Table of sizes of men's shoes ASICS:


Table of sizes of women's shoes ASICS:


A bit about the unpleasant

Sneakers ASICS because of its popularity of steeloften counterfeited by clandestine producers. Of course, the quality of shoes made by unscrupulous amateurs of profit is far from perfect. About any durability and speech can not be, let alone comfort.

Do not buy sneakers on the market at lowprices. After all, the shoes of the world-famous brand ASICS are produced using the best materials, so the cost of it is appropriate. Even if you are convinced that the brand name is offered, you can be sure that you will most likely become the owner of a cheap forgery.

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Not very favorable terms of purchase offer insports shops. Prices for branded things in such places have almost 100% mark-up, which makes the cost of sneakers sky-high. It is best to use the services of online stores that have a good reputation, confirmed by numerous positive customer feedback. It is not superfluous to use the services of consultants, who often attend such sites and will prompt you the most appropriate version of ASICS shoes. Sneakers, photos of which are on sites, sometimes may differ in color from the model sent to you, so carefully arrange the order.

It should also be borne in mind that sneakers shouldused for their intended purpose. If you buy basketball shoes for daily use, then there is no question of any longevity. The sole of such products is designed for a flat floor and quickly erased when walking on asphalt or ground.

Sneakers ASICS: reviews

The most striking confirmation of the quality of sneakersASICS are the testimonials of people who have experienced this shoe. All that the company promised was present in every model: light weight, convenience, reliability, beautiful design and ease of care. Sneakers perfectly support the ankle, have an excellent grip on the surface and allow you to feel fresh, even in hot weather. Especially like the ASICS sneakers to people involved in sports.

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As for negative reviews, they areis about too high a cost of sports shoes. But considering how much the company spends on research and implementation of new developments, creating sneakers, the price is quite decent.

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