What is the significance of the tattoo "wolf"?

the value of a wolf tattoo
At all times, the wolves were afraid, hated orworshiped. They were competitors of people in obtaining food, they hunted only early in the morning or at night, and communicated with the help of howling. All this made them symbols of dark forces and evil. No one remained indifferent to this terrible animal. For example, the Indian tribes considered him a god, and on tattoos, which in those days were the symbol of a warrior, the wolf was depicted with orange or blue stars instead of eyes. In the countries of America, he is still considered a mentor and assistant shaman. This is such a strong and ambiguous beast.

Therefore, when choosing a "wolf" tattoo, youshould remember that if you are a weak and weak-willed person, have an indecisive and mild character, then it simply will not suit you. And if there is perseverance, determination and inflexibility, such a tattoo can become a kind of talisman in life. Do not fit the "wolf" and those who can not decide on a permanent partner. Animal by nature - a true family man, and therefore, it is worth thinking about. After all, if a wolf dies, the male remains alone forever. That is, the ladies' man does not exactly like the tattoo of a wolf on his shoulder, the value of which is not peculiar to him at all - there will be no happiness.

Wolf tattoo on shoulder value
The image of a wolf

The wolf is most often portrayed as a howlingan indicator that a person is lonely and independent. The animal in the jump is a symbol of determination. A flock of wolves is a sign that a person is loyal to the family and is ready for everything for her sake. A running predator can mean both speed and vindictiveness. If the wolf is on fire, it means presence of a demon. That's how many values ​​of images, and that's not all. There is also a tattoo "wolf's bared", the meaning of which, according to the beliefs of many peoples, means debauchery and demonic forces. Let's take a closer look at other interpretations of such a drawing.

The meaning of the tattoo "wolf"

It is worth remembering the main thing - in whatever mannera wolf was performed on your body - it was and will remain a guide to the other world. It is not for nothing that in ancient times many nations considered it one of the images of the devil.

tattoo grin wolf value
But at the same time there is one more value of a tattoo"Wolf" - she is the protector from the evil forces of the other world. It would seem, what is the connection of such different interpretations? But this is such an animal by its nature: both the enemy and the friend in one person. He always has his own opinion on any issue. True, in the mind of the wolf, there is only division into black and white, which means that he understands only good and evil. There is no middle ground. That is why such a tattoo will be an ideal addition to a person direct and inflexible. He will never destroy another's world, but he will not let it into his own. By the way, girls also need to know the meaning of the tattoo "wolf". After all, very often they just like the picture, but what it symbolizes, it does not matter. So, the meaning of a tattoo "wolf" for a woman is a female predator. She is faithful, faithful, and in the case when her male dies, lives only by revenge. But at the same time the she-wolf is the standard of the mother, she is tender, caring and loving. In life, almost everything can be forgiven, except betrayal. So if you fully comply with this interpretation, then you can do the tattoo. It will only emphasize these features and strengthen them.

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