"Max Mara" coat - exquisite style and sophisticated design

The famous Italian brand "Max Mara" was created inone thousand nine hundred and fifty-one in the city of Reggio. The company was founded by Archil Maramotti, a native of the family, who for several generations was engaged in the creation of clothing. The models produced under this brand today are designed for energetic women who appreciate comfort, do not recognize stamps, create their own unique appearance.

Brand Features

coat max mara
The company's business card was cashmerecoats and tweed suits. Such things can be selected to any image and style. Warm and light, decorated with unusual decoration, they create a unique charm and emphasize the individuality. Pleases and impeccable quality of these products. Once you put on the coat "Max Mara", you will not wear the other one. This clothing is inherent and eccentricity, and the eternal classics. It all depends on your preferences. Tissue plays a significant role. It can be a tweed boucle, double cashmere or alpaca wool.

Assortment of collections "Max Mara"

The company offers clothes for business, sports,informal and youth style. Models of modern clothing are developed by a talented team of young designers for women of all age categories, any physique and lifestyle. The company's collections are known and popular all over the world.

New coats of the year 2013

Long outerwear looks very impressive,It is not very convenient to travel around the city, especially in urban transport. Therefore, the coat "Max Mara -2013, the photos of which you see in this article, the length of the knee, and only sometimes slightly lower.

coat of max mara 2013 photo

Max Mara coat: colors

A distinctive feature of the 2013 models is thegolden or steel luster. Popular and overflow fabrics. Even more original look coat "Max Mara" with guipure or lace elements. All these techniques significantly enliven the outer clothing, make it more interesting. Dark colors are already pretty boring even in the winter, so the company's designers offer soft pastel shades - white chocolate, creamy caramel, cappuccino, etc.

Popular Models

Very feminine and gentle looks like a coat "MaxMara "weekend with a detachable waist, a flared skirt and a collar under the throat. If you want comfort complete with a skirt, then you can choose a double-breasted slightly shortened jacquard coat.

Fashionable details

Women's coat "Max Mara" cashmereis still popular. Today the models focus on volume. For example, three-dimensional sleeves look very interesting. No less original looks like a coat with a smell. Complement the image of a thin leather belt of contrasting color.

Star fans of the brand

Among the famous women who prefer clothes"Max Mara", a lover of dark tones Angelina Jolie, who this time chose a gray coat of the brand, Sati Casanova picked up an elegant and rigorous pattern with a beautiful strap on the hips. The famous Kim Kardashian chose a warm fur coat.

Coat female max mara

Where can I buy a coat of "Max Mara"

In Russia, the products of the brand are presented enoughwide. In eighteen major cities of the country there are branded stores of the company. Among them are Chelyabinsk, Kaliningrad, Barnaul, Ufa, Tyumen, St. Petersburg, Moscow.

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