Where are the best stock-centers in Moscow?

Stock-centers are incredibly common today.all of Russia. These stores you can find without exception in any major city. Stock-centers in Moscow today have a very large number of stores for every taste and purse. However, how to choose the best of them, you will not tell even an experienced connoisseur. After all, the concept of "best" in this context is so subjective that advising anything can be very ungrateful.

stock centers in moscow

How to answer the question about where the goods arequality, where prices are lower at a particular time, if the availability and range can change several times within a month? Easier to choose your favorite stock, which will be consistent with your personal tastes, and maybe just for a convenient location.

First runoff

Stock stores are also calleddiscounters, from the English "discount" - discount. Already by their name it is clear that there are sold products with discounts. Most often this name is applied to the concept of "stock-center of brand clothes." Moscow abounds in places that realize things from old collections. And some shops specialize, for example, on household appliances left over from past seasons. Or even occasionally, with the presence of marriage, often unnoticed by anyone other than the manufacturer. Discounts at these points can reach up to 60-70% of the original cost.

This type of activity has spread widely in theEurope and America, from where and moved to our country. Stock-centers of clothing in Moscow for the first time opened in early 2000 Today, after more than 15 years, few of the avid shopaholics can imagine their lives without these discounters. A number of stores that opened at that time are still working. Among them are such giants as "Stock-center", "Fashion bazaar".

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The real popularity of the stock-centers in Moscowreceived only a few years ago. Then their number has grown several times, and the client base has grown considerably. In addition to retail, wholesale drains also open in Moscow. Such "wholesalers" often buy small boutiques.

stock center of brand clothes moscow

Where did the goods come from

Stock-centers in Moscow are replenished from various sources. Mainly:

  • Remains from old collections. They are almost always there. In the high season, 10-15% of unrealized goods still remain in warehouses. There are also less successful seasons, when not more than 80-70% of products are sold. Crisis is the season when 50% and more of the unaccounted goods remain in warehouses.

  • Another scourge of modern industry, withwhich are trying to cope with the help of sewage - overproduction. In such situations, an overabundance can go directly to the discounter directly, bypassing brand stores. Such cases are not uncommon. After all, production is a rather complex and multifaceted process.

  • Goods with industrial defects. Often this marriage is not seen by anyone other than the manufacturer. And it happens that its elimination costs much less than the discount provided.

  • Wrong marketing approaches, incorrect advertising, weak work of merchandisers in trading halls can lead to the fact that a huge amount of high-quality products remains unbundled.

The goods go a long way beforeget into the stock-centers in Moscow. The manufacturer delivers the products to the wholesale warehouse, from where it enters the classic brand store. Using the part of the collection left in the windows, the management of the store makes a sale with insignificant discounts. Most of the time on such sail is sold most of the original collection. All that is left, transfer to the store stock-center. In Moscow, the addresses of these points are well known to regulars, and the goods can be found there with significant discounts, often the price drops 50-70% of the original.

Discounters distinguish two main types: branded, also called monobrand, they sell goods of one brand and often belong to this particular manufacturing company. The second type is multi-brand, here products of various brands are transferred, and the difference can be not only in the price, quality and popularity of the manufacturer. The product can relate to different areas of light industry. In such gigarketkah often it is possible to find absolutely any goods necessary for the buyer.

centers of clothing in Moscow

Today in Russia every day there are many monobrand discounter brands of such famous brands as Nike, Reebok, Benetton, Adidas and others.

Multibrand flows in Moscow probably even more. Among them, there are such leading figures as Stok Center, Discount Center, Stoke Mania and many others.

Stock-centers in Moscow

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of different discounters in Moscow.

The most visited store is Stoke Center in Moscow, the addresses of the branches below are Stok Center:

  • 123022, Moscow, ul. Rochdelskaya 15, p. 35.

  • 105120, Moscow, ul. Zolotorozhsky Val, d. 40.

  • 127015, Moscow, Butyrskaya 6.

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