Men's bracelets will tell all the character

Today, among fashionable men's accessories, you canto meet a bracelet on hand. This product is preferred not only by young people, but also by respectable adult men. Bracelets perfectly in harmony with everyday clothes and with an official suit. Ornaments can be worn at work, for a walk, in a cafe and so on. The name bracelet means a wrist in translation from the French "bracelet".

The first men's bracelets began to be worn by soldiers inAncient Egypt. These decorations were considered a symbol of military prowess, power and might, and were also used as a talisman that was supposed to protect during the fighting. Wore bracelets not only on the wrists, but also on the ankles, forearms. Over time, technology and style of production have changed a lot. The first bracelets were made from wood and animal bones, then they were made of metal. And already in the Middle Ages, children in Asia were hand-worn with gold ware as an amulet for protection.

Men's bracelets always used a specialpopularity, but the fashion for such decorations was most widely spread in the 19th century. At this time, the master jewelers learned to skillfully make jewelry made of noble metals.

Currently, the bracelets are again at their peakpopularity. They are made of a variety of materials: titanium, tungsten, high-strength steel, rubber and leather. At any time, actual silver, gold bracelets, exclusive versions of platinum and precious stones.

There are soft and hard versionsmen's bracelets. To rigid belong closed products in the form of a full ring, hinged - in the form of joints on both sides hinges and locks of a circle, and springy, having a rounded ripped form. Soft models include chains, wicker bracelets made of leather or fine wire, consisting of several links, the glider.

In the new season, men are recommended not to wearcumbersome bracelets, although their size depends more on the composition and thickness of the hands: the more massive - the more solid the decoration can be. Actual as fully cast models, and chains of men's bracelets.

As for compatibility with clothing, leatherBracelets fit perfectly to jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt. Metal is best worn under the trousers with a pullover v-neck. Rubber ornaments will perfectly match with everyday clothes.

About his master, men's bracelets canto tell. So, for example, strict and thin silver and gold ornaments, usually, are inherent in people of business style. Leather bracelets made of cloth that do not have precious stones characterize their masters as people with an easy, windy character inherent in adolescents and young people. Glamorous and pathos, large and bright, gold jewelry, inlaid with precious stones are usually stars and secular lions.

As a decoration, on the one hand, a men's bracelet is a piece of jewelry, on the other, an accessory that emphasizes the owner’s style, and at the same time, a decoration that looks and presentable.

Recently, interest has increasedjewelry for men and bracelets used for therapeutic purposes. New products are health products, which can also be very fashionable.

Treatment bracelets come in the following categories: zirconium (the most famous), ordinary cheap medical bracelets, jewelry with therapeutic preventive properties, copper with magnetic inserts, stainless steel with silvering, gilding, semiprecious stones included.

Thus, men's bracelets have an advantage over other jewelry for men, not only because of their ancient roots, healing power, but also modesty, beauty and spectacular appearance.

Trendy bracelet with a male character will be a wonderful gift, giving its owner the courage, confidence and determination.

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