If you wash your head every day, what will happen? Opinion of specialists

During the summer heat, the city often suffers fromabsence of wind. Exhaust gases do not allow to breathe, and hair constantly seem dirty. Therefore, they often have to be washed. On the one hand, the feeling of freshness tones and charges with optimism, but if you wash your hair every day, what will happen? Perhaps the hair will become thin and brittle? Or, on the contrary, will acquire brightness and strength? Find out the truth will only be experienced. Whether it is necessary to risk health of own head of hear or risk will not be and at all? Let's check.

if every day to wash my head what will be

Cleanliness is the guarantee of what?

Let's think, why does a person watchown hygiene? Why can not he abandon this tiring routine, quietly cover with a layer of dirt or at least confine himself to a weekly shower? Why do we constantly invent new personal hygiene products? And there are wet wipes, disinfectants or thermal water for the face. Being clean, we feel comfortable and confident. We understand that we look presentable, exude a pleasant fragrance and, therefore, make a good impression. Washing your hair is a necessary daily procedure for a modern person. Not in vain, pure hair flashes in most commercials. Can you imagine a policy with a dirty head? A brilliant actress with oil curls? Whatever you say, but they are still judging by their clothes. So cleanliness is not only a guarantee of health, but also of luck, beauty, attractiveness and an important image component.

washing head

Who often washes his head?

For men, hair washing is a couple exerciseminutes; I applied shampoo, massaged and washed it off. But for the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity this is a whole complex of procedures, dragging on for 30-40 minutes. Sometimes the fascination with your own hair comes to the brink of absurdity, when the girl seriously thinks that every day you need to wash your hair in order to achieve an exceptional effect. It's not enough to just use shampoo; complex care is provided with the help of conditioner, balm, several masks and an arsenal of hair oils! Is it not too difficult? Maybe it's completely harmful? This question is asked from time to time, half the population, but there is no specific answer so far.

washing hair

There is an opinion

A number of experts believe that frequentwashing your hair flushes the fat off your scalp. At the same time, the skin tends to make up for the loss and produces more fat, and therefore the hair becomes more dirty. Of course, there are emergency cases. For example, an evening hairstyle with a lot of varnish and other styling products just requires washing off. There is no time for reflection. But, you see, this situation is more an exception than a rule, and therefore does not require special consideration. In addition, there is a group of experts who believe that daily cleaning of the head does not harm either the structure of the hair or the scalp. If a person lives in a big city with a lot of gas, then the hair is really exposed to toxins. Especially it concerns tenants of industrial areas. Harmful substances must be washed off, and as quickly as possible.

bald head

Is it necessary?

So, we are facing a fork. To wash my head every day in the absence of indications is excessive scruple, which can provoke a number of not very pleasant consequences. But do not wash your head if you have such evidence - just silly. How to know if there is a need for daily washing of the head? At random, this information can not be given, because each person is individual, as well as his body. In addition, the condition of the hair also matters, which is affected by heredity, diet, as well as scalp health and the condition of internal organs. In addition, it is always necessary to take into account the territorial location of the place of residence, the climate and the list of hair care products used. Therefore, the question of whether you can wash your head every day with shampoo, you can only answer after systematic observation of your hair in ordinary life.

can I wash my hair every day with shampoo

Determine the need for

There are four types of hair: dry, normal, fatty and damaged. The last in their kind and peculiarities of care are close to dry hair. Normal hair is a conditional ideal and therefore extremely unpretentious in care. They need to be washed as they get dirty, using the conditioner to saturate the hair with oxygen. It is recommended to apply balm, but not more than once a week. With oily hair, it's slightly more difficult to manage, since they involve the use of lightened shampoos and specific care products. Oily hair should be thoroughly rinsed and avoid applying balms on the scalp.

Problem Hair

For dry and damaged hair, the soothingRestoring shampoo, rich in nutrients. Thanks to this complex care, the hair becomes elastic, becomes shiny and moisturized. Dry and damaged hair need deep moisturizing and nourishment, use of medical balms and masks twice or thrice a week. You can often "energize" your hair with self-cooking masks to improve the blood circulation of the scalp. You can not wash your hair every day if your hair is dry and damaged, as it destroys them and dries the scalp, provoking the appearance of dandruff. They involve washing once a week or even less often. Also it is necessary to mention one more problematic type - combined. Such hair on the tips is somewhat dry, but the roots are fat. Care for such hair should be specific. In particular, masks are selected for oily hair, and shampoos - for dry hair.

You can not wash your head every day

We develop a reasonable approach

Dermatologists and stylists do not objectdaily washing of the head, but also do not recommend it. In fact, the hair is a fiber, which from washing looks only worse. So hair becomes drier and lose elasticity. Hair is strongly damaged by gels for styling and fixing varnishes, which scare their composition. In addition, the frequency of use of such funds seriously affects the frequency of washing. It is better not to comb with a comb and prefer a massage brush. So the skin fat will not be transferred from the roots to the tips of the hair. Of course, fat can become less if you wash your hair every day. What will happen in this case with the general condition of the hair? As already mentioned above, the appearance and health of the curls will be undermined. And if you wash your hair with hot water and blow it dry, hair loss can increase. If the curls were painted, then daily washing "steals" their shine and color.

Every day you need to wash your hair

Tips and Wishes

If you wash your hair every day, what will happen? An unpredictable reaction, and with greater probability it can be said that the result will not be joyful. For example, long, stiff and curly hair should not be washed more than once or twice a week. With them and manage quite difficult, and wash them. But the owners of fine hair can bathe every 2-3 days. Normal hair will quickly become fat if you wash your hair every day. What will happen to them next? Everything depends on you, but it is much more difficult to bring locks to the former ideal state than to get out of it.

In the end, we should consider the option that weforgot to pay attention. How to solve the issue of washing if a person has a bald head? Maybe he should not give up washing and go to a simple rubdown of the skull ?! Do not bother at extremes. If a person is bald due to age, heredity or other reasons beyond his control, he also has all the possibilities to stop the process or even reverse it. But to wash in such situations it is necessary to add the use of special masks, oils and balsams. There is also a second option, when a bald head is not a forced measure, but a very real goal and an image component of a person. Even so, the scalp needs moisturizing and nourishment. And in greater care, since it is not protected by the hair, and therefore is experiencing a great impact of weather disasters and assumes ultraviolet radiation. Bald head can and should be washed every day, but do not forget at the same time about the remedies that make up the protective layer.

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