Male tattoos on the back. Popular sketches

Male tattoos on the back can be the mostdiverse both in terms of the plot and the color scheme. Representatives of the stronger sex are no less inventive than women, and sometimes you can find quite interesting and unusual work. But let's find out what tattoo designs are on the back (men's options), and which tattoos are more common.

Men's tattoos on the back

What does the strong half of humanity choose?

Many boys already from an early age dreamto put an image of a predatory beast or military paraphernalia on his body. For men, tattoos are a way to emphasize one's strength, firmness and determination, and they make them more often for themselves. But women try only in this way to stand out from the crowd.

Why the back?

First, it is practical. Secondly, a tattoo on the back can easily be hidden from other people's eyes, if necessary. Thirdly, it is the largest and flat surface on the human body.

sketches of tattoos on the back of a man

The most popular male tattoos on the back

sketches of tattoos on the back of a man

  • Army - this can be an image of symbolism, a memorable date and so on.
  • Picture of a wolfa (indicates aggressiveness), lion (emphasizes man's strength, courage and "royalty").
  • Picture of a bearI (often applied to the whole back, symbolizing the strength of this animal and at the same time its wisdom).
  • Image of a tiger. This tattoo is chosen by men seeking to emphasize their wisdom, ferocity, bellicosity.
  • Crosses (such tattoos can be worn not only by believing men, but even
    non-religious representatives of the stronger sex as an ornament).
  • Scorpion image. Not every man decides to make such a tattoo. Most often it can be found among the guys who served in the Caucasus. And if the sting of this animal is bent - then a person simply served, if raised - then took part in hostilities.
  • Dragons - this male tattoos on the back are rather ambiguous. In some nations, this mythical being was associated with greed, cunning and greed, and some, on the contrary, with power and strength.

Male tattoos on the back. Varieties

Zodiac signs. Similar tattoos are found not only in men, but also in women.

Hieroglyphs and runes. Their image usually does not take up much space, unless, of course, this is not a whole phrase or aphorism. Tattoos are often applied to the upper back.

Tattoo "wings on the back" (male) are also very popular. It can be as separate elements, located on the whole back (right and left) or on the top, and components of an image, for example a demon.

Tattoo wings on the male back

Celtic patterns. These are usually twisted, large lines that can also be located on other parts of the body (arms, legs). They serve exclusively for decoration.

These are the tattoos are popular with menpopulation. Of course, you can meet characters from cartoons imprinted on their backs, and even images of their loved ones and relatives. In the art of tattooing you need to follow the rules, but there is also an opportunity to show imagination.

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