How to make a gradient on nails

To all those women, whoprefers to do the original manicure, of course, like this graceful nail design. The word "gradient" is interpreted as a gradual transition of the color scale. At first glance it may seem that this technique of applying manicure is impossible without a huge amount of time and relevant skills. However, to make a beautiful gradient on the nails is not particularly difficult, in addition, this procedure can be done at home.

Gradient on the nails

So, what is this technique of applying manicure?

It's no secret that the gradient on the nailsalways looks refined and aristocratic. Experts know several ways of applying manicure with a smooth transition of color. Let us consider the simplest of them.

Option number 1

Gradient on the nails implies in the first caseUse about 3-4 shades of varnish, having the same color palette. For example, from pale turquoise to dark green. In addition to this, you will need a clear lacquer with glitter content - it will be applied as the final layer. To get a qualitative gradient on the nails, you will also need an applicator for the shadows. First of all, you should distribute the brightest shade of varnish on the entire surface of the plate and allow it to dry. After this, it is necessary to seal the skin around small pieces of scotch. This is necessary to exclude the need to "remove" the varnish by means of a suitable liquid.

How to make a nail gradient

At the next stage we process the cosmeticSponge or applicator for shadows with a small amount of lacquer more saturated shade and apply it to the nail with light patting movements. From the middle of the plate, we process the surface in the same manner in the following manner. After this layer dries, we use the next with a more saturated hue and apply the same way by sponge on the tip. The longer the nails have, the more the transition of several color shades can be finally obtained. At the final stage, we process the surface with a varnish of a colorless shade with sparkles.

Option number 2

How to make nails a gradient

Many may ask a question about how to make anail gradient in another way. To do this, you need an orange stick and a small piece of sponge. It is necessary to treat the nails with a base and wait until they dry. Using an orange stick, you should draw on the sponge ornament in the form of oblique lacquer bands of several color shades. Then print the pattern on your own nail, after gluing on the skin around him pieces of scotch tape.

Then lightly move the sponge tothe surface of the plate several times, so that the base of the varnish is distributed qualitatively along it and the manicure turned out to be contrast. The question of how to paint the nails with a gradient is practically solved. At the final stage, the applied layers should be treated with a colorless varnish, it will not be superfluous also to use a base with small glitter content.

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