How to clean your computer at home

Any PC owner early orlate faced with the need to clean the computer. And a simple wiping a cloth with dust from the hull in this case is indispensable. The first suspicion that it's time to perform a general cleaning of the system unit appears at the user's moment when when the computer is turned on for the first few minutes a rather loud monotonous noise is heard. With every day (week) it gets louder, and if you continue to operate in this mode and do not try to figure out how to clean the computer, then the noise accompanies all the time of work. As a result, you can expect further failures and hangs.

The novice user is usually scared and looking forthe ability to drive the system unit to a service center where payment for the purge will be required. Require in any case, regardless of whether the warranty period is over or not. This is clearly indicated on the warranty sheet. And since you can not take a stationary computer in a plastic bag, you have to carry it by car, which means additional expenses for fuel and your time spent. It is much easier and faster to learn how to clean your computer. In addition, for the safety of data on the hard disk in this case, you do not have to worry: giving a computer in which there are codes of access to your own bank account to strangers is rather risky. Exception: the computer is sealed with a warranty sticker, and the service term has not yet expired.

Suppose that all conditions are met, the ownerread how to clean the computer, and decided to independently restore the work of his electronic assistant. Turn off the power, pull out all the wires (preferably remember where it was) and put the case on the lighted table with the left side up. We unscrew the two bolts that hold the lid and move it back. You can access all components. It remains only to remember how to clean the computer, and perform this operation.

Internet pages are full of recommendations about cleaning. Even with an incorrect formulation it is easy to get the required answer to the question of how to properly clean the computer.

In fact, there is nothing complicated in this: a little practice and cleaning can be done even with your eyes closed. The source of the notorious noise, due to which it is necessary to disassemble the case, are active cooling fans. Their number is different for everyone, but certainly there is on the CPU heat sink and in the power supply. We take a brush (for drawing or special, it's not so important) and carefully clean the layers of dust from the blades of all available fans. Clean from two sides! With complexities, you can use the classic method: cotton wool wrapped around a match. It is extremely rare to additionally wet the cotton wool with alcohol (to a wet state, without drops).

Then dry with cotton wool, we remove all visible dirt from all elements.

Now there are two ways:

- connect a narrow nozzle to the vacuum cleaner and remove all the dust that has scattered on the board. It is advisable not to touch the components, since a static discharge from the vacuum cleaner can damage the computer;

- take the case to the street, and connect the nozzle to theblowing out, removing all the dust. A cloud of dust is provided, so do not do so indoors. Of course, no one interferes with blowing out dust in the old-fashioned way, without technology.

Now unscrew the bolts holding the blockpower supply. Remove the cover from it and clean the blades of the cooling fan. Capacitors can retain a residual charge, so do not touch the soldered components with your hands.

Reassemble in the reverse order. Such cleaning does not always eliminate noise, so do not forget to add oil to the bearings, and if the bushing is developed, then replace the entire fan. But this is already a topic of a completely different article.

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